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Welcome to the Hot Haus!

Published On: January 28, 2022
Written By: Joey Hodgson


Fasten (or tie up) your belts OUTtv viewers, and get ready for a reality competition like no other….Hot Haus!

“What do all the biggest entertainment industries have in common? They sell S-E-X.”  These are some of the first words you’ll hear in the show as it aims to bring the spotlight to queer folks, sex workers and outsiders, who have all helped pioneer what popular culture looks like today. It’s their time to shine in this reality hit series starring tastemakers from different industries including porn, burlesque and music as they compete to become the world’s first queer sex icon, a title attached with a $10,000 cash prize.




What’s a competition show without a charismatic host and some celebrity judges? Hot Haus has got none other than the reality superstar HBIC herself Tiffany Pollard front and centre as host with some stellar judges by her side. Rounding out the panel we got rapper and record producer CupcaKke, pornstar Matt Camp (who OUTTv fans may recognize from Iconic Justice)  and trans activist Nicky Monet (also on Iconic Justice).

The show features seven icons as they compete through exciting mini and main challenges. Although we wanna keep things tight lipped for now, rest assured this show is full of twists and surprises, and luckily you wont have to wait to find out, as the first 2 episode of Hot Haus are streaming now on OUTtv. Check out our Hotties below!