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World’s Greenest Homes

Show Description


World's Greenest Homes Web Image

World’s Greenest Homes is both inspirational and aspirational.

The most beautiful and energy-efficient homes are features on World’s Greenest Homes.

Think it’s impossible to be green and glam? Well, think again. World’s Greenest Homes proves that luxury and ecology can exist under the same roof.

From temples of glass and steel to palaces made from pressed earth and recycled blue jeans, these visually stunning one-of-a-kind residences from around the globe are a testament to ingenuity, determination, and conservation. Behold these incredible buildings, and meet the fascinating people who live in them.

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Episode 101

A visit to a California beach house with a unique family-friendly design that’s making the most of the ocean breeze, and a home nestled in the hills of Greece just outside Athens that combines contemporary design with natural and eco friendly features that are as old as the hills.

Episode 102

A 7-thousand square foot Aspen home with a small carbon footprint, and a tour of a home in a Boston suburb made from the scraps and leftovers from the old interstate freeway. 

Episode 103

A stunning and lavish home in San Francisco’s Mission District that takes wind power to a new level, and a very untraditional West Sussex home built around the trees.

Episode 104

In South London, explore a timber frame home that is nothing like the Victorian-terraced homes surrounding it. Next in the Hollywood hills, a couple built a fabulous home on a 9-thousand-square-foot piece of land.

Episode 105

A tiny 1920’s bungalow in Venice Beach, California that’s been renovated into the latest in modern design and green features, and an architect and an artist who converted an old condemned milk depot into a showcase home.

Episode 106

A Chicago couple built their second home a hundred miles West of the Windy City, and called it ‘Kickapoo’ after the native-American tribe, and just ten minutes from Sydney harbour, two architects created their ultimate tree house without harming a single tree.  

Episode 107

A Houston architect transformed a derelict downtown site into a block of sumptuous green town homes… and created a cool, slick and sustainable neighbourhood in the process. 

Episode 108

A couple moved from Anchorage, Alaska, to Mexico’s Baja peninsula to build their green dream home.  Four miles from the closest power lines, the remote oasis is completely powered by two rotating solar panels.

Episode 109

A mechanical engineer and inventor, Brian Beaulieu designed his unique home to blend into the foothills of the Sonoran Desert. Nestled between the boulders, the structure is divided into a series of hexagonal pods.

Episode 110

Determined to bring nature into their urban home, a couple in Toronto, Canada, transformed the interior of their 130-year-old Victorian row house into an ultra-modern, clean and green living space.

Episode 111

Faced with a derelict 3000 square foot warehouse, a Chicago couple transforms it into a luxurious home, filled with unique green technology.

Episode 112

In northern Sweden, two architects designed a very unusual off the grid house in one of the country’s nature reserves.  It’s called Accordion House because it expands accordion-style over a stream and folds up into itself during the cold weather.

Episode 113

Romance novelist Stephanie Laurens created her own off-the-grid Aussie hideaway 40 minutes North of Melbourne.

Episode 114

Just outside Austin, Texas, architect Peter Pfeiffer used local materials in designing an innovative, energy-efficient 4,000 square foot home for his family.  

Episode 115

Just ten minutes from Sydney Harbor, a turn-of-the-century Victorian cottage was redesigned to include sleek new addition that allowed the outside to come in.  

Episode 116

A Chicago couple with a punk rock label transformed a turn-of-the-century tavern into the greenest live-work space in the city.

Episode 117

Since zoning laws prevented them from building up, this family in Cheltenham, England went underground with an energy-efficient, low-maintenance house just a few feet away from their original 200-year-old town home.

Episode 118

Nestled on the shores of Lake Okanagan, this award-winning, Asian-inspired super home in British Columbia features 180-degree views of one of Canada’s most scenic lakefronts.

Episode 119

An hour North of New York City, and overlooking a lake and manicured grounds, this two-storey, octagonal-shaped, energy-efficient super home features rustic interiors with heavy beams, a Mission-style kitchen, and plenty of green features including reclaimed materials, solar panels, and radiant heated floors.

Episode 120

Located in a reclaimed industrial site that’s been transformed into a green residential neighborhood, this grand home in Atlanta combines Southern charm with the best of eco-friendly living.  

Episode 121

Nestled within a hillside 50 miles from Lake Tahoe, this 3,400 square foot super home blends in with the landscape and features innovative recycled products throughout, including mining equipment and airplane wings.  

Episode 122

Using local materials, a couple in Southern Ontario built their off-grid home on 65 acres of rolling hills without sacrificing any creature comforts.  Beyond the exposed beams and country-chic interiors, the sprawling home features solar thermal tubes, a wind turbine and a swimming pool made from recycled car tires.

Episode 123

Full of personal decorative touches and overlooking a glacial lake in Rollins, Montana, this 2,400 square-foot home is embedded in a steep slope to take advantage of the Earth’s thermal benefits.

Episode 124

Nestled on a spectacular five-acre site on British Columbia’s Lake Okanagan, this 3,500 square foot home is designed to blend in with its pristine surroundings. Built into the side of a hill, the super-insulated, energy efficient structure is loaded with recycled and reclaimed materials.

Episode 125

In just 18 months, this traditional 1940’s bungalow outside Minneapolis was transformed into an award winning, super-green, energy-saving home.  

Episode 126

A couple in Toronto, Canada transformed an abandoned, bunker-like industrial warehouse into a green family sanctuary right in the heart of the city.  Designed as both a home and studio, the dwelling features open-concept, multi-functional spaces and furniture.

Episode 127

In Sonoma County a cabin is brought to life entirely from salvaged material. And an Australian home blends low-and high-tech features, including a glass sided swimming pool and a traditional style chicken coop.

Episode 128

An energy-efficient, candy-colored funhouse puts a whimsical spin on getting creative with green living down south in Austin, Texas.

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Episode 129

A tiny, hip Hong Kong apartment redefines space-saving design and, a California pre-fab that was customized to perfection demonstrate that a home can be both functional and funky while keeping it green. 

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Episode 130

Take in the ocean views from a sustainable New Zealand oasis… And, head to Switzerland to tour one of Europe’s first-ever zero-emission homes.

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Episode 131

Tour a Japanese property that artfully blends East and West…  And, visit a spectacular Dutch home that brings the outdoors inside.


Episode 132

Visit a suburban Minneapolis home with a winning, future-proof design. Then, tour a Boulder, Colorado home perfectly adapted to its highway location. And visit at a minimalist, modernist marvel in the German countryside.

Episode 133

Tour a sleek and contemporary green home just minutes from Hollywood. Finally, visit a sprawling Chicago home that stands out from its neighbours.

Episode 134

A Santa Monica home has one of the most spectacular views and a modest footprint. Then, visit a once-derelict Boston store that became an enviro-conscious family home.

Episode 135

Experience Chile’s dramatic coastline from a luxurious, off-grid home. And take in a beautiful tour of a stately Toronto house that blends into it’s beach side neighbourhood.

Episode 136

See the beautiful Seattle skyline from a spectacular eco-friendly penthouse. And tour a Toronto home that stands out from its suburban neighbours.

Episode 137

Visit a Colorado mountain town’s economical green dream renovation.  Then go on a tour of a quirky and compact prototype home in Toronto.

Episode 138

See a stunning futuristic green dream in suburban Seattle. And then visit the first-ever straw bale home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Episode 139

Tour a low-carbon, New Zealand eco-home with its own herd of sheep. And experience the super chill lifestyle of a Chilean hilltop retreat.