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Wild Things

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Wild Things

Three transgender women go cross-county to raise money

Wild Things is the reality show that has three beautiful transgender women – Maria Roman, Tiara Russell and Cassandra Cass – hitting the road to do macho chores in small-town American. Their goal is to fund-raise to help a relative with a life-threatening kidney disease.

The three women were first featured together in the documentary film Trantasia which chronicled contestants in the first ever ‘World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant.’ Wild Things reunites the women in a common cause. You’ll be rooting for all of them!

Episode 01 Bull-Riding Ranch Hands

Wild Things 101_edited-1

The girls are treated to a wild bull-riding demo from some real cowboys and barely survive riding a mechanical bull before getting down to work on the ranch.

Episode 02 Cowgirls Gone Wild

Wild Things 102_edited-1

The girls continue their ranch chores, including a messy pregnancy test on a cow; Tiara tests her skills by riding a real bull.

Episode 03 Fishing for Hot Dogs

Wild Things 103_edited-1

The girls travel to the mountains for lake-fishing, jet skiing and a sexy hot dog sale, then try to ‘catch’ some young locals.

Episode 04 Boxing Knockouts

Wild Things 104_edited-1

The girls strip down in the ring for some sweaty boxing lessons, then give two professional boxers some ‘tips’ in the locker-room.

Episode 05 Grapes of Wrath

Wild Things 105_edited-1

The girls learn about winemaking; Maria must inject herself with hormones; the girls reveal all for a fundraiser.

Episode 06 Slaughterhouse Three

Wild Things 106_edited-1

The girls work at a slaughterhouse, ruin a customer’s sausage order, and are booked for a beef jerky promotion.

Episode 07 ATV....OMG!

Wild Things 107_edited-1

The girls work as mechanics at a local cycle center then hit the sand hills in dune buggies and hold a sexy bikini car wash.

Episode 08 Security!

Wild Things 108_edited-1

The girls become security guards and have a scary night patrolling a feed yard.