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Tom Daley Goes Global

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Tom Daley, Travel, Global, Extreme Sports


Tom Daley Goes Global

A British documentary show that follows the bronze medal olympian and his best friend as they travel the globe. 

British Olympic diver Tom Daley follows in the well-trodden footsteps of other 19-year-olds and takes a gap year after graduating. For six weeks, Tom and his best friend Sophie travel across the globe; visiting the cities, experiencing the cultures and meeting the residents of some of the world’s greatest places. To end each leg of his extraordinary adventure, Tom Daley takes on an extreme adrenaline challenge; bungee jumping, skydiving, rappelling, flying a jet plane, and more.


Episode 01 Thailand

Olympic medal winner Tom and his BFF Sophie head off to Thailand. It’s a rude awakening as they face budget troubles, a tongue twisting foreign language and a less than glamorous sleeper train with holes for toilets. The finale is a sky-dive from 10,000 feet – but heavy storms threaten to wash away Tom’s chances of taking off.

Episode 02 Japan

In the electric city of Tokyo, Tom and Sophie experience tiny hostels, colourful Cosplay characters, and a night of crazy karaoke. Tom even takes part in an ancient lantern festival before facing a terrifying paraglide.

Episode 03 New Zealand

Tom and Sophie rough it for a road trip through New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. A 357 ft. canyon swing leaves Sophie petrified – but with a head for heights, Tom’s soon calling on his diving training to set a new somersault record.

Episode 04 Australia

From the Great Barrier Reef to X Factor Australia, the land Down Under is an exhilarating ride for Tom and Sophie! After visiting the world’s largest sand island, Tom straps in for a 400mph flight in the pilot’s seat of a fighter jet.

Episode 05 Europe

It’s exploration in their own backyard when the duo trek across Europe. They trade hostels for homestays with family and friends, and visit glamorous Cannes and the chilly Alps. But Tom’s highest bungee jump comes elsewhere – off Switzerland’s famous Verzasca Dam.

Episode 06 Morocco

Tom and Sophie are off to experience Morocco. After a trip to the bazaar and some unusual local delicacies, they trek to the Todra Gorge – where they will endeavour to climb 600 ft. up a cliff and rappel deep into the earth.