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The Doll Life

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Dolls, fashion shows, drama, and Japanese pop culture unite. 

The Doll Life is a reality series that follows the activities of dolly fashion house, Dolldelight, run by designer Cyril Lumboy. Watch her and her team go through the chaos and drama of putting on fashion shows at Japanese pop culture conventions while keeping up with the challenges of their personal lives.

Episode 101 Photoshoot

Meet the cast of Dolldelight, a Japanese Street Fashion House headed by designer Cyril, her manager, Paula, assistant, Steven and head model, Stephanie. Dolldelight holds auditions for two new Dolls to join the Dollhouse, and settles on hiring Ashphord & Audra. The two girls are fitted for dresses and shown how to conform their make up to the Dollhouse standards, before going into a photoshoot that will introduce them formally as the new dolls to the fans.

Episode 102 Hana-Doki Con

The new incarnation of the Dolls are going on their first out of town trip to San Diego, for a fashion show at the new Japanese pop culture convention, Hana-Doki Con, taking place in San Diego. The Dolls haven’t arrived at the convention, and are already facing some challenges including Ashphord hosting the fashion show with her cosplay group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay and modeling for Dolldelight – at the same time.

Episode 103 Cherry Blossom Festival

The Dolls are set to model at the Cherry Blossom Festival, but Audra calls in sick at the last minute – luckily Cyril’s assistant, Stevie’s measurements fits perfectly with Audra’s, thus saving the day by modelling in her place. Things however go haywire during the fashion show when they discover they have no runway, their music is not cued properly, and a Con-creeper keeps lurking around and taking photos of the dolls.

Episode 104 Money Problems

The Dolls are headed to Las Vegas for their big fashion show at LVL Up Expo and the pressure is on Paula to sell more tickets to the event in order to make the trip happen for them. In addition to the stress from the expo, Cyril accepts a last minute custom-ordered dress from a loyal client, and enlists Stevie to help her finish the piece overnight.

Episode 105 Vegas, Baby Part I

In this two part finale, the Dolls make it to Las Vegas for the LVL Up Expo. Before the event, they decide to let loose and party by hitting a “topless” European style pool and Stevie taking the girls to a male strip show – all while Stephanie and Cyril working their hardest not to get the “Asian Glow.” Troubles ensue when the girls wake up hungover on the day of the fashion show, family dramas, and the possibility of no show happening as Paula fails to make arrangements to prepare the stage for the Dolls.

Episode 106 Vegas, Baby Part II

In part two of the season finale, Stephanie loses her temper when the fashion show finally starts an hour later than scheduled, and Paula still hasn’t resolved all the problems they’ve been facing. Cyril gets feedback on her career choice from her conservative family, and Stevie braces himself for his family’s reaction when they see him on stage, in drag, for the first time.

Episode 201 Audra Has a Dirty Secret

Season Two opens with a clash of egos! Dolldelight Designer, Cyril, calls a company meeting with the “Management” staff: Manager Paula, Assistant Stevie, and Head Model, Stephanie. When Cyril asks the group to do a post mortem on last year: what went wrong and how can they improve as a Team, Steph and Stevie launch into criticism of Paula.

Episode 202 Haters Tea Party

Tensions are high as the Hater’s Tea Party begins. When no Haters show up for the Tea Party, the Dolls launch into an emotional discussion about all of their personal and painful experiences with cyber bullying. Cyril shares a terrifying threat with the group, while Ashphord faces racist comments from online haters for the first time as a Dolldelight House Model. But the emotions continue to escalate as Tiffany shows up to spill Audra’s dirty little secret.

Episode 203 The Dolldelight Sample Sale

We open with Audra challenging the Dolls to watch her Cake Fetish Porn Videos. She sees the videos as an expression of her art and is proud of them. She sees no reason to be shamed for what she’s chosen to do.

Episode 204 Tiffany Has Fans!?

With Ashphord missing – the Dolls arrive for their Fashion Show at Hana Doki Con in San Diego, California with a replacement model: Tiffany! Stephanie, believing Audra would be fired hired Tiffany for the show without Cyril’s permission. It’s model Mayhem when it’s revealed that both Cyril and Ashphord had their own picks to fill Ashphord’s position on the runway – leaving way too many models booked for the Fashion Show.

Episode 205 Hell No, I'm Not Modelling

Tensions are running high: Tiffany is refusing to model for Dolldelight at the Hana Doki Con Masquerade. She insists on Cosplaying and competing in the Masquerade Competition instead. Cyril finally steps in…assigning an already angry Stephanie to model in Tiffany’s place!

Episode 206 Who Sabotaged Tiffany's Wig

It’s the morning of the Hana Doki Con Fashion show and as usual Paula is late… but this time Tiffany is still missing! When the Dolls arrive at the venue, Stephanie receives an unusual voicemail about Tiffany which sets them off on search for the errant model!

Episode 207 Where is Audra?

After the Tiffany drama and turmoil at Hana Doki Con, Cyril’s fondest wish is to stop the in-fighting and bring the Dollhouse back together as a family at their 5th annual appearance at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Episode 208 Stephanie Runs the Show

The day opens with the start of Dolldelight’s 5th Annual Fashion Show at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Cyril may have “blacked out” and bizarrely won the Sumo Wrestling tournament – but once again, the Dolls are placed in a position to express their hidden aggression for each other.

Episode 209

Get to know the “Wildside” of the Dollhouse when they go camping in the Central California mountains of Tehachapi, California. As soon as they hit Nature, the girls show their truly bizarre sides. Ashphord and Cyril go crazy, reveling in Nature while surprisingly, Steph and Steven are the “responsible ones.”

Episode 210

The Dolls’ camping trip continues, Stephanie is spooked by Cyril’s ghost stories with a humiliating result. Ashphord brings back an unusual visitor to camp and promptly disappears. In the meantime, Stephanie and Steven go on an epic journey to find cell phone service.

Episode 211

The two-part Season Finale begins with The Dollhouse hard at work preparing for the first annual Pride Con Fashion show. Cyril is missing half of her staff during the preparations. Head Model, Stephanie is bogged down with coordinating all 6 designers and models for the entire Fashion show.

Episode 212

The season culminates in an unforgettable finale as Stephanie scrambles to put on Pride Con’s Fashion Show on her own. Long, the Pride Con Organizer, wasn’t able to raise enough money and the entire convention was cancelled.