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# STI_ PS_145

#STI when trending isn’t a good thing.

Directed by Monika Mitchell.

#STI features the stories of distraught patients recently diagnosed with various STIs as they look back on how they contracted the disease and what they could have and should have done differently.

Episode 101 The Wedding Itch

Wedding_Itch_Ricardo_Hubbs-2225Brad and Emily’s big day is approaching and, despite disagreeing with Brad’s decision to take the leap at such a young age, his best man Paul has planned him an epic send off into married life.

Episode 102 Gonorrhea Go’ Round

# STI_ PS_006_webAfter dating for some time Mike is under the impression him and his college girlfriend Kitty are exclusive, until he walks in on Kitty making out with someone else in his own dorm room.

Episode 103 Cougarlife

# STI_ PS_046Linda, Joyce and Rosalee are all new residents in a luxury seaside senior’s community. With unfettered access to the male residents (and employees) these single ladies have a new lease on life and are taking advantage of it.

Episode 104 No Thanks for Giving

# STI_ PS_076Greg and his BFF Daphne head home for Thanksgiving weekend, upon arrival Greg runs into his high-school crush Thomas. The catch is, Greg already has a boyfriend, Steve.

Episode 105 Weekend To Remember

# STI_ PS_094Shauna, Emily and Kelly are best friends with different levels of sexual experience. One of them is getting over a bad break up, while another is thinking about taking that next step with her new boy.

Episode 106 Live Action Role Playing

# STI_ PS_127Jessica, Emma and Sara are smart, funny and mostly dateless.  Emma is the exception; her and her girlfriend Julie are in a fun, new relationship. And on Sara’s suggestion Jessica decides to join a LARPing club on campus to meet some of the university’s most eligible bachelors.