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Setup Squad

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Setup Squad

Dating experts to the rescue!

Setup Squad follows no-nonsense Renee Lee, a dating expert in New York City, and her agency Wings, Inc. Her company has a novel approach for people who are unlucky in dating: partnering her clients with professional wingmen and wingwomen who work for a New York dating agency as they help clients navigate the Big Apple’s dating landscape. 

Episode 01 Tim and Zakeenah

The wingmen and women help out a man who needs a tutorial on being gay and a woman whose fear of rejection is holding her back.

Episode 02 Emanuel and Toy

A client knows what she wants in a guy, but maybe she wants too much. A guy who has lost weight must lose his fear as well.

Episode 03 Kathy and Vinnie

A DJ client says that women are intimidated by him, but the opposite might be true. And a woman who has been computer-dating for two years is ready for the real thing.

Episode 04 Linden and Neal

Meredith helps one client find a new woman while Lauretta struggles to help another become more poised around women.

Episode 05 David and Sarah

A party gal wants to trade in random hookups for an actual boyfriend, and agay guy is both socially awkward and kind of creepy.

Episode 06 Arthur and Suzanne

Meredith helps a male client navigate the gay dating scene and Jonathan can’t seem to get through to a judgmental female client.

Episode 07 Evan and Olivia

Cute, successful—and needy: Laurettta’s client is surprisingly inept socially. Meanwhile, a laser scientist needs a lesson in animal attraction.

Episode 08 Lorraine and Zed

Michelle advises a female bodybuilder on how to act more like a woman, while Jonathan helps a likeable guy act less like a doofus.

Episode 09 Teresa and Thomas

Lauretta helps a shy boxing instructor open up while Helen works with a tricky client in hopes that it’ll get her back in Renee’s good graces.

Episode 10 Francesca and Seth

Jonathan helps an intimidating gal develop a softer approach while Lauretta clashes with a client who won’t open up.