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Queer As Folk UK

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Queer As Folk UK

The pioneering series that brought life as a gay man into the spotlight.

Queer as Folk UK is the original series that spawned the US version. Follow the lives of three gay men living in Manchester, England. Starring Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly and Charlie Hunnam, in his first starring role as the lovesick Nathan Maloney.

The men of Queer as Folk navigate everything from disapproving parents to the consequences of ‘consequence-free’ sex as they fumble together through the tangle of their lives.

Programmer’s Picks: Queer As Folk

Episode 01

The premiere episode of the original UK version, which follows the lives of three gay men living in Manchester, England. With Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly and Charlie Hunnam.

Episode 02

Stuart pursues a client, Vince (not ‘out’ at work) is pursued by the new girl and Nathan, verging on obsession, is desperate to find Stuart again.

Episode 03

Stuart and Vince, on a wild night out, are pursued by Nathan and Rosalie, and Phil makes a new friend… with deadly consequences.

Episode 04

Stuart and Vince go to Phil’s funeral where they meet up with numerous friends including his accountant Cameron Roberts, and come face to face with his mother’s grief.

Episode 05

Stuart makes some new friends, while Nathan’s behaviour makes Hazel furious and Janice desperate.

Episode 06

Stuart and Marie visit their parents, and Vince introduces Cameron to his mum. Meanwhile, Stuart has a violent confrontation with Nathan’s father.

Episode 07

Stuart throws a surprise party for Vince’s 30th birthday, and becomes implicated in a dubious plan to discredit Romey’s potential husband Lance.

Episode 08

Vince is petrified that Rosalie has revealed his secret. Stuart experiences rejection for the first time. And Cameron declares his love to Vince.

Episode 09

Vince’s love for Stuart remains unrequited, but the sexual buzz between them is becoming irresistible. Will they get it together? Meanwhile, Nathan reappears to celebrate his return from London.

Episode 10

The Jones family suffer at hands of Stuart’s blackmailer, and when Alexander’s parents turn on him, Stuart’s anger puts him on the wrong side of the law.