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Psycho Kitty

Show Description


psycho kitty, pam

Psycho Kitty

Psycho Kitty is the show where the world’s #1 cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett and her co-host, Chris Duchaine, show cat owners how to do the previously unthinkable: TAME THEIR CATS! Pam’s ground-breaking methods in cat training have made her the ‘Queen of Cat Behaviour’. She’s has shared her knowledge in a best selling books that have won her devoted fans across America and around the world. Meet Lukey. This cat has a voracious appetite for his owner’s hoodies and fights with his sister, Cali, everyday. Or how about Seamus? He’s so scared of his carrier that he poops the second he’s put into it. In each episode, Pam comes to the aid of worried and concerned owners of out-of-control felines. She delves into the feline mind to bring about changes in behavior that their owners could only dream of previously. Pam methods bring about huge changes within these unhappy and fur-flying households and our cameras are there to capture everything. There’s a ‘tough love’ component for the owners too as Pam trains them to view the world not from the vantage point of a human but from the cat’s level ten inches off the ground. If you needed to scratch your claws and could see only drapes and furniture, which would you use?  

Episode 01 Oh Mia Oh My

Psycho Kitty - Episode 1

Meet Monique and her cat Mia – Mia doesn’t make anyone welcome and Monique would like that to change.

Episode 02 The Floating Feline

Psycho Kitty - Episode 2

Roger and Jim are at a loss as to what to do about their cat Ricky. His hate for Jim is driving a wedge between this happy couple.

Episode 03 The Purrrfect Couple

Psycho Kitty - Episode 3

Helen and her cat Dora are an a’dora’ble couple. But some unauthorized peeing is making Dora less so.

Episode 04 The Arch Angel

Psycho Kitty - Episode 4

Janice’s cat Angel is NOT living up to her name – Janice is fed up of sleeping under a shower curtain and Pam’s going to see that things change.

Episode 05 The Letter J

Psycho Kitty - Episode 5

Jazz and Jenni are give their owners, Joann and John, the run around – Pam has some tough advice to solve their problems.

Episode 06 The Toothy Tabby

Psycho Kitty - Episode 6

Gillian and her cat Ty are very happy – except for the biting! Pam helps Gillian to tame her tabby.

Episode 07 Feline Family Feud

Psycho Kitty - Episode 7

Owner Bernice rescued her cats, Miku and Mimoko, from the streets of Taiwan and they love her for saving them – but they’re not so keen on each other.

Episode 08 Doublestuffed in Danger

Psycho Kitty - Episode 8

Oreo has had a tough time recently. After losing her owner and changing homes she’s become confused about just where her bathroom is located.

Episode 09 Cotton Craving Cat

Psycho Kitty - Episode 9

Lukey & Cali are fighting, Lukey is eating clothing and somebody is peeing on the carpet. Pam has her work cut out with this many problems all in one house.

Episode 10 Terrified and Territorial

Psycho Kitty - Episode 10

Rani & Tom found their cat, Seamus, at the shelter and fell in love with him immediately. It wasn’t until they were walking out of the door that someone said, “By the way, he’s a pooper”. Yikes!

Episode 11 Stache vs. The World

Psycho Kitty - Episode 11

Nathalie and her son, Dante, spend half their lives protecting cat Stella from her boisterous brother, Stache.Pam comes in to stop the fur flying.

Episode 12 Grumpy Old Cat

Psycho Kitty - Episode 12

Gemma and John would love to have visitors but cat Calisto has other ideas. She prefers a quiet life – she won’t even let John play the guitar!

Episode 13 Double Trouble

Psycho Kitty - Episode 13

Christine loves her cats but Sketch is vicious and likes to pee indoors. Not a recipe for a happy co-existence.

Pam Johnson-Bennett

Psycho Kitty - Pam

Pam Johnson-Bennett is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and best-selling author of seven books on cat behavior and training, including Think Like a Cat (Penguin Putnam), the book experts consider the cat bible. She also wrote the ground-breaking book Cat vs. Cat (Penguin Putnam), which was the first of its kind to address multicat household issues. She has won numerous awards for her work, including the Winn Feline Foundation Award.

Pam is one of the most well-known experts on cat behavior and a pioneer in the field of cat behavior consulting. She is the former vice-president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is the founder and former longtime chair of the IAABC Cat Division. She was a member of the American Humane Association’s Advisory Board on Animal Behavior and Training and currently serves on the Advisory Board for Tree House Humane Society. Pam is also one of the 30 top experts exclusively invited to participate in the American Humane Association’s Cat Health & Welfare Forum. Previously, she was the national spokesperson for the Friskies Shelter Program that awarded grants to 10 in-need shelters in the United States. Along with country superstar, Leann Rimes, she unveiled to national media a state-of-the-art cageless shelter at Northshore Animal League. Pam was a member of the Friskies Dream Team, along with celebrity designer Frank Beilec and the Today Show’s Lou Mandredini, charged with designing the Ultimate Cat Habitat that was presented to national media. She toured nationally with Friskies, doing live shows and numerous television appearances.

Pam was the behavior expert for Cats Magazine, The Daily Cat, Catster, Cat Channel, Kittens USA, Yahoo, Shine and iVillage. She has also been a frequent expert contributor to WebVet.

When her schedule allows, Pam does private in-home and Skype behavior consultations through her company, Cat Behavior Associates, located in Nashville, TN. Pam lives in Nashville with her husband, two children, a rescued Bengal cat, a rescued Sheltie and three trained goldfish.

You can reach Pam through her website,

Chris Duchaine

Psycho Kitty - Christopher R Duchaine

Chris is from Vancouver, B.C. Lucky for him he grew up with cats but considers himself to be a lover of all animals. He enjoys travelling, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, and scuba diving, but loves nothing more than being at home with his wife, his friends, and his family when he has some downtime. In addition to his television work he is also a voice on local radio. When he’s not on the airwaves, he’s assisting Pam and helping cat-owners who are at the ends of their tethers with their troubled pets.