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Psychic Queen

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Psychic Queen

Delilah sees it all – and tells it like it is!

Psychic Queen Delilah Brooks dazzles fans in NYC – but her fabulous live appearances is masking her true gifts and talents. She’s a psychic! Watch how her Delilah’s life explodes when she reveals her true identity to the world.

Delilah is a NYC drag institution and a professional medium. She bills herself as a ‘feel good comedy queen’, but her talents leave her restless and she’s gotta help. Whether you’re a friend or a stranger, she works magic with seances and sensing the spirit world. If you’re having ghost trouble, keep your eyes peeled: a psychic queen might be right around the corner.

Episode 01

Psychic Queen pilot episode.

Delilah Brooks seems like a regular fabulous New York drag queen. She’s trying to make a name for herself in the Big Apple and helping her straight roomie find love. But Delilah has a secret. She’s psychic! You’ll be amazed at what’s revealed on Psychic Queen.