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OUTspoken Biography

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OUTtv Biography, LGBT Biography , LGBT sports, Michael Venus, barbara findlay, Sarah Davis Buechner

OUTspoken Biography: The real stories behind  Canada’s LGBT trailblazers.

OUTspoken Biography takes you into the world of LGBT leaders.

As we move into the 21st century, Canadian LGBT innovators are creating art and pursuing their passions more freely than ever. This documentary series explores how the lives of LGBT professionals intersect with their queer identities. Each episode focuses on a thought leader or on a community of leaders as they blaze trails and change minds across the country, and around the world.

Snow Queen explores the rich ‘herstory’ of drag and its transformation of ‘low culture’ into an art form.  They Came From Venus puts a spotlight on Vancouver’s counter culture with the story of ‘The House of Venus’.  in particular, barbara findlay and Changing Keys, The Sarah David Buechner Story highlight high profile members of the community and their pursuit of equality in law and in art. Trending dives into the fashion industry. Take Up The Torch documents the history of LGBT athletes in Canadian sport. An inspiring look at the heroes, past and present, who have made the Canadian sports landscape more LGBT-inclusive. It features Mark Tewksbury, Charline Labonté and John Fennell. 

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Episode 01 Changing Keys – The Sarah Davis Buechner Story

This is a biography of a prominent world-class concert pianist, the woman who cost him his career, and the story of how she got it back. Throughout it all, the same two hands tickle the ivories. Directed by Jack Fox.

Episode 02 Snow Queen – an Exposé of Drag in Canada

Drag was at the forefront of gay and cabaret culture for decades before it became mainstream. This is a celebration of Canada’s drag stars and an homage to the queens who paved the way. Directed by Michael Venus.

Episode 03 They Came From Venus

As artist Michael Venus prepares for the 20th year of “Wiggle,” his annual DIY wearable art event, this documentary takes a look back at Michael and The House of Venus’s groundbreaking work. Directed by Mark Kenneth Woods

Episode 04 in particular, barbara findlay

Over the last 30 years, barbara findlay has brought together the forces of feminism, anti-oppression and community activism, advocating for the rights and freedoms of queer and transgender Canadians. Directed by Rebecca Plucer.

Episode 05 Take Up The Torch

An inspiring look at the heroes, past and present, who make the Canadian sports landscape more LGBT-inclusive. Featuring Mark Tewksbury, Charline Labonté and John Fennell. Co-directed by Mike Yerxa and Mark Kenneth Woods. 

Episode 06 Trending, A Look at Canada’s Fashion Industry

What does it take to be a fashion designer in Canada? Follow fabulous designers Jason Matlo, Som Kong and others as they take us through the process of becoming a designer and building a successful brand. Directed by Rami Mikhall.