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The New Addams Family

Show Description


The New Addams Family

It’s the first family of fright and their house of hilarity 

In this 1990s update of the classic 60s sitcom, Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, and Cousin Itt are still creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky, the New Addams Family. Double finger snap!!        

Episode 01

It’s Halloween and the Addams Family is enjoying their most favorite holiday until the get robbed. Unfortunately for the robber, they enjoyed being robbed even more than Halloween itself.

Episode 02

Wednesday recites an incantation and brings cousin Vlad Addams back from the grave. Vlad wants to kill Gomez and marry Morticia, but is unsuccessful in his attempts. Gomez becomes despondent when he incorrectly thinks that Morticia is accepting Vlad’s advances.

Episode 03

The school board finds out that Wednesday and Pugsley have never been to school, and insists that they be enrolled immediately. Gomez and Morticia are rightly concerned about how the first day of school will be for the kids. Wednesday and Pugsley return with the horror of a dragon being killed in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. But everything is straightened out when the school board reps come to the Addams house.

Episode 04

Fester breaks up with his girl friend Cruella and goes into a state of depression. The family tries to help him out, and everything looks rosy when it appears that Lucretia, Fester’s date by mail order, arrives. Just to make sure, Mama mixes up Love Potions 666 and Wednesday administers it.

Episode 05

Newlyweds Hubert and Amanda Peterson move in to the house they’ve leased next door which owned by the Addamses. As they find out about their new neighbors and landlords, they try desperately to get out of the lease

Episode 06

Grandpapa Addams comes to stay with the family while they rebuild his neighborhood. The family knows he still misses his late wife, and make arrangements to surprise Grandpapa with a gift – two weeks at Club Dead, a swinging resort for singles over 50.


Episode 07

Pugsley comes home with a crush on his teacher. He takes one of the love letters that Gomez sent to Morticia, and sends it to his teacher. When she comes to the Addams family house to inform them about it, she is led to believe that Gomez sent it. She falls for Gomez. Mama and Morticia tell a reluctant Gomez to go right after her and she’ll run off.


Episode 08

Cousin Melancholia’s fiancee ran out and left her, so she shows up at the Addamses house all despondent. They try to find her another suitor – a mailman zooms off, Lurch won’t agree, Fester only dates criminals, and Thing fingers off. But the unwilling Ralph Harvey, trying to save his Law Firm’s account with the Addamses, is coerced into dating and getting engaged to Melancholia.


Episode 09

Wednesday gives Harold Pomeroy a black eye at school after he says his family was better than hers. His smug father, Cecil Pomeroy, comes to the Addams family house for an apology. Cecil and Harold get to “enjoy” the family Addams. But with their interest now aroused in their own genealogy, the family hires professor Sims to do some research for them.

Episode 10

While Mama gives everyone extremely inappropriate gifts, Cousin Itt’s girlfriend Contessa throws him out because she finds out about Eudora, Simone, Lucinda, Monica and Cosuma.

Episode 11

Wednesday comes back from school after painting a black rainbow and getting an “F” on it. Her teacher, Miss Crank, says Wednesday will fail art if she doesn’t use color. So Gomez tries to hire the world famous artist Leopold DaMinci as an art tutor but gets Leo DaMinci, an Italian pizza deliveryman instead. Meanwhile, Mama falls in love with the postman and Fester helps her try to trap him.

Episode 12

It’s Thing’s birthday. Thing opens Fester’s mail and Fester and the family yell at him and none of them remember his birthday, so Thing runs away. The stress of fighting with Thing causes Fester to start growing hair on his head.

Episode 13

Fester’s internet chatroom girlfriend is coming to visit. He feels he is out of shape and wants to lose weight. The family tries to help him and even get him a personal trainer. Meanwhile, Wednesday finds Uncle Ripper’s magic kit and plays magician with Pugsley as her volunteer (more like her victim!).

Episode 14

Gomez and Morticia are celebrating their 13th Anniversary. Wednesday and Pugsley ask them how they met. So they are told the story. Gomez was pre-ordained to marry Morticia’s sister, Ophelia, for whom he had no affection. But he and Morticia fell in love at first sight.

Episode 15

Wednesday and Pugsley ask to hear the rest of the story about how Gomez and Morticia met. The story continues – with the complications that arose when Cousin Itt and Cousin Vlad became involved.

Episode 16

Wednesday unleashed 20 starving alligators in the sewers and the police came after her. Gomez and Morticia ground her for a week for cruelty to animals. She would not be allowed to play with her weapons, start any fires, or torture here brother. So Wednesday runs away.

Episode 17

Cousin Itt is very disappointed that he didn’t get the role of Hamlet at the theatre. So Gomez dusts off an old play he wrote, casts Itt as the lead, and hires a director for it. The director refuses to work with Itt because his voice is indecipherable. So Morticia trys to get Itt to slow and lower his voice. Itt’s voice changes, but so does his personality.

Episode 18

After reading an article by Dr. Pierre LeBlanc titled “The Dangers of a Happy Marriage”, Fester gets the family to try to help make Gomez and Morticia fight with each other. When he fails, he calls up Dr. LeBlanc who comes over and tries to steal Morticia from Gomez. So, Gomez challenges Dr. LeBlanc to a duel.

Episode 19

Ginger, a girl Fester has been e-mailing, is coming to meet him. But Fester lied to her about himself, and wonders what he’s going to do about his hair, which he told her he has. So a toupee salesman is called. Fester’s grand appearance in front of Ginger is stumbling at best!

Episode 20

We all know that Lurch is a great butler, but can he dance?…NO!

When he is invited to the Butler’s Costume Ball, Lurch refuses to go because of what happened at the last dance he went to. A dance instructor and then Fester and Gomez give Lurch dance lessons, and finally Lurch is persuaded to go.

Episode 21

Pugsley joined the Junior Troopers so Morticia called a psychiatrist who suggests that Pugsley just wants their attention.

Episode 22

Cousin Melancholia and her fiancee Digby Henson arrive at the Addamses house but Fester is suspicious of Digby so spies on him!

Episode 23

The Addams are selecting stuff to donate for the charity auction but donate Pugsley’s tiger-head clock, much to his annoyance!

Episode 24

Morticia invites the PTA over to her house for a meeting and Pugsley wants to go to the circus to see Gorgo, the flying monkey.

Episode 25

The Stock Market crashes and Gomez has almost all his money in the Stock Market! From a conversation they hear, they think he’s lost everything, but has he?…

Episode 26

Gomez’ old friend Senior Don Xavier Malina arrives with his daughter Consuela and her chaperone Maria. When Gomez was 10, he had proposed to Consuela, and now that she is turning 25, Senior Malina is here to see them married.

Episode 27

Christmas is coming. The happiness of it horrifies the family, but the gift-giving and holiday spirit is still there. Pugsley sees his belief in Santa dashed, and the family enlists Fester to dress up as Santa for him…what a sight!

Episode 28

Gomez’s finds out life insurance policy was cancelled because his shark feeding trip to the Bermuda Triangle was deemed too much of a risk – Mr Fielding, an inadequate insurance man, convinces Morticia that Gomez will die in six months if he doesn’t change his dangerous ways!

Episode 29

Though he doesn’t know it, Gomez is sleepwalking at night and burglarizing neighborhood homes.

Episode 30

Uncle Fester loses his ability to conduct electricity, the family tries to help Fester, to no avail.

Episode 31

When Morticia rekindles her relationship with her childhood, Gomez becomes jealous. Since Lurch is on a surfing vacation, Fester and Gomez hire a “housekeeper” that they hope will get in between Morticia and her old flame.

Episode 32

When Morticia’s cousin Pretensia visits, she brings her “handmaiden”, which is literally a hand named “Lady Fingers”. Of course, Thing instantly falls in love and complications ensue.

Episode 33

Morticia starts a business as a home decorator. Her first client is horrified by the job she has done, however a reporter for a home decorating magazine calls it “the most exquisite example of of post-apocalyptic deconstructionism I’ve ever seen”.

Episode 34

Aliens looking for a power source trace it to be at the Addams house. After researching TV shows from the seventies to learn Earth culture, they come posed as Greg and Marsha Brady.

Episode 35

Gomez is hit in the head and gets amnesia. Morticia tries to bring his memory back.

Episode 36

Pugsley and Fester is preparing to blow up a Man Hole Cover, but just before Pugsley push down the lever for the TNT Fester tells him to stop. But its too late and a motorcyclist comes crashing down on their lawn. When Fester tries to fix Sam’s motorcycle, Sam stops him and end up getting hurt again. Wednesday quickly rushes to his

aid and helps to nurse him back to full health.

Episode 37

Morticia takes up sculpting but nobody appreciates her art until Gomez hires a shady art dealer to tell her that she has true talent.

Episode 38

When Gomez becomes dissatisfied with the local government he decides to run for Mayor.

Episode 39

The Addams family records Lurch singing and to our surprise he becomes a pop sensation.

Episode 40

Gomez and Morticia go on a vacation, however they do not want to leave Pugsley and Wednesday in Fester and Grandmama’s care because they spoil them too much. So, they decide to get “Grandpapa” to babysit.

Episode 41

When Wednesday and Pugsley get expelled, Gomez and Morticia decide to send them to military school. This may have worked, however the military has never experienced the Addams before.

Episode 42

Pugsley secretly befriends a chimpanzee however Fester and Grandmama are confused and think that Pugsley has turned into an ape.

Episode 43

After Pugsley befriends a thoroughbred racehorse, Gomez and Morticia make him give the horse back to its owners. However, Pugsley and Wednesday plot to steal the horse back and set it free.

Episode 44

Lurch falls in love with the neighbors new housekeeper, however he is to shy to make a move until Fester comes to his assistance.

Episode 45

Fester, feeling unloved, decides to join a mercenary organization. Also, Wednesday is stalked by a cat which at first only she can see.

Episode 46

Gomez tries to help a depressed Cousin Catastrophia by arranging an opera singing gig.

Episode 47

Uncle Fester falls in love with a TV judge.

Episode 48

Cousin Itt is in danger of losing his job as a shampoo spokesman when he starts to lose hair. Gomez teaches Pugsley how to defend himself against a schoolyard bully.

Episode 49

Morticia writes Wednesday and Pugsley’s school play.

Episode 50

Lurch poses as a wealthy millionaire to impress a female visitor.

Episode 51

The Addams fight City Hall when they learn that a new highway is planned to be built over their home.

Episode 52

Uncle Fester places an order for explosives, which causes the FBI to take notice.

Episode 53

A conniving concert-hall director convinces Uncle Fester to trade Lurch’s piano for an electric organ.

Episode 54

Uncle Fester becomes a marriage counselor, but he gets his clients to “duel” to resolve their differences. Meanwhile, Pugsley learns that his girlfriend is just using him to make an old boyfriend jealous.

Episode 55

Morticia’s prize carnivorous plant “Cleopatra” loses its appetite only days before the plant show.

Episode 56

Granny conjures up the ghost of her brother Jester, who was a habitual practical joker.

Episode 57

Gomez acquires a robot butler and Lurch gets worried that he might lose his job.

Episode 58

The feud between the McAddams and the Addams families ends… until Uncle Fester takes Pa McAddams on a hunting trip.

Episode 59

Uncle Fester becomes a business tycoon after his skill at demolishing buildings becomes in high demand.

Episode 60

The Addams’ house is turned upside down when a director decides to shoot a movie there.

Episode 61

The Addams’ bear is destroyed, but Gomez hopes that insurance will cover the loss.

Episode 62

Fester is asked to stand in for a King whose life is in mortal danger.

Episode 63

Pugsley and Wednesday are told the story of their long lost relative “Long John Addams”.

Episode 64

The Jones family comes for a visit and Gomez and Ramon Jones enter in competition.

Episode 65

The ghoul “Death” arrives and he wants to take Gomez with him.