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My Family Starring Me

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my family starring me

My Family Starring Me

The conventional story of an unconventional family.

Told through very light-hearted stories, the series follows eight year old Jacob Gelbart and his family’s daily adventures. My Family Starring Me celebrates the joys and challenges of everyday family life in the blended household of two lesbian parents. My Family Starring Me is not about how different Jacob’s family is from other families, but more importantly, how it is the same.

When Jacob’s family has troubles, they solve them together.  Any family that loves each other can do this, no matter what their composition is.

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Episode 01 Nibbles / Diorama Drama

Jacob learned about the life cycle of mammals at school, but when his pet hamster passes away, the lesson takes on a whole new meaning. Susan and Nancy each offer different ways to help Jacob celebrate his pet’s life and remember the good times. Later, Jacob is determined to do his science project his way – without the help of his moms. But Susan and Nancy have never met a project they didn’t want to get their hands all over.

Episode 02 Jacob and the Butterfly / Lost Lake

Susan and Nancy think Jacob is ready to take on some big brother responsibility by babysitting Emelia. The annual family camping trip is predictable as usual. Susan loves camping but Nancy hates it. This year the trip takes a turn for the worse when a big storm blows in.