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Kitty 911

Show Description


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Kitty 911 is a docu-series following the passionate group of volunteers who run Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association or VOKRA, a no-kill, non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the rescue of cats and kittens. For nearly fifteen years VOKRA has worked tirelessly to support a rapidly rising population of abandoned and neglected felines. In that time, this incredible band of characters has saved thousands of these animals’ lives throughout Metro Vancouver.

Episode 101

In the pilot episode, we meet the incredible volunteers from VOKRA, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association doing what they do best, saving kitty cat lives.

Episode 102

A brave foster takes on Agatha, Maria tries a new trapping technique and Yvette takes a turn for the worse.

Episode 103

Kitten season has arrived, an overcrowded Operations Centre faces too many surrenders and Maria hunts for a missing foster kitty.

Episode 104

A much-missed VOKRA volunteer returns, Mickey and Gemma try to wrangle the last surrender kitties of the day, and Maria uncovers new evidence in the search for Suderman.

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Episode 105

Becky discovers something unexpected and frightening while trying to find Seamus a buddy cat and an old VOKRA regular returns to Pod 3. 

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Episode 106

Shelley sets her sights on a big new project at the Operations Centre while Becky turns her attention to a few of her old fosters. Meanwhile, Karen and Maria are exhausted after dealing with a late night kitty emergency. 

Episode 107

A familiar face enjoys some foster fun, Poosh faces yet more cleaning and Alannah deals with the financial fall out of Suderman’s accident. 


Episode 108

Things get messy as Karen deals with Poosh, Shelley deals with the new building and Maria deals with a trailer rescue. 

Episode 109

Clare’s foster Eva visits Ops, things get Bubbly at Becky’s and Maria tackles a tricky feral cat rescue. 

Episode 110

Karen deals with a situation she’s never seen before, while Maria visits some old stomping grounds and later all of Vokra gathers to celebrate their volunteers.