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Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

Show Description


JoanAndMelissa Joan and Melissa Rivers try to keep the peace while living under the same roof, but will that be the case? 

Episode 101 Joan Moves In

Joan Rivers moves to LA to be with daughter Melissa & grandson Cooper.

Episode 102 Joan Takes Over

Joan tries to get Melissa to pose topless. Joan goes on a game show.

Episode 103 Kiss My Ash

Joan spreads ashes of dead friend, redecorates Melissa’s living room.

Episode 104 Family Feud

High tea with Perez; a team building exercise turns into a huge fight.

Episode 105 Can We Not Talk?

Joan returns to NY; Kathie Lee interested in Joan’s $25mil penthouse.

Episode 106 Joan Looks For Love

Joan returns to LA; friends set up Joan with a series of blind dates.

Episode 107 Home Alone With Joan

Joan sends Jason & Melissa on romantic getaway and babysits Cooper.

Episode 108 Happily Ever After... Joan-Style

Melissa stricken with stomach pains… pregnant? Joan finds a house.

Episode 201

Melissa stages an intervention with family and friends after Joan says she is considering having a plastic surgery “tune-up”.

Episode 202

Melissa’s boyfriend’s parents visit, and Joan takes them to Madame Tussauds wax museum and improvises a tour of stars’ homes. When the stress of visiting family builds, Joan sets off on a quest for medical marijuana.

Episode 203

Jason upsets Melissa when he skips a photo shoot with the family, which leads to a fight that prompts Joan to intervene.

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Episode 204

Joan goes camping in Wyoming with Melissa and Cooper. They try some shooting, riding, and fly fishing before Joan ends up telling jokes at a bar.

Episode 205

Joan plans a bar mitzvah for Conrad; Perez Hilton calls Melissa regarding shocking web rumours about Jason.

Episode 206

Joan comes to Melissa’s aid following her breakup with Jason but not in the way Melissa hopes for; Joan tracks down Carol Burnett in a bid to get the actress to host a fundraiser.

Episode 207

Joan arranges a theater audition for Cooper, unbeknownst to Melissa, which culminates with Joan becoming the stage mother from hell, causing a scene in the casting office and a mother-daughter clash when Melissa finds out.

Episode 208

Joan attends sensitivity training with the staff of her jewelry offices ahead of a possible sexual-harassment lawsuit; Joan pitches an outrageous reality show with friend and radio host Peter Tilden.

Episode 209

Joan’s 78th birthday brings blues to the comedian when she gets bumped from a talk show for a younger performer. Also: Blogger Perez Hilton expresses an interest in producing a retrospective on her work; Joan’s best friend takes her to a tattoo parlor.

Episode 210

The Season 2 finale follows Joan and Melissa on a wild trip to Las Vegas. Joan is booked to perform at a major casino but that’s not all they have on their itinerary. A “no-strippers” rule is made and broken before Melissa ends up in a wedding dress and they both experience a Vegas-style wedding.

Episode 301

Season 3 begins with Joan making a new friend, who just happens to be a lesbian. Meanwhile, Melissa opens up to her shrink about her complicated love life, which becomes even more so when her ex-husband spends the weekend at her house.

Episode 302

Joan takes a stand against censorship by creating her own online talk show, which she decides to host from her bedroom. At the same time, Melissa has her hands full with relationship drama.

Episode 303

Joan and Melissa load the family up on a tour bus and head off on a vacation to discover America’s past, during which Joan battles a store that has banned her books.

Episode 304

Joan becomes obsessed with disaster preparedness after a minor earthquake hits Los Angeles. She also uses a hologram to preserve her legacy. Meanwhile, Melissa’s therapist encourages her to date.

Episode 305

Joan brings her comedy tour to England; at the same time, Melissa is in London for “Fashion Police” business and ends up on a date with a publicist. Meanwhile, Tony’s U.K. debut is a disaster.

Episode 306

Episode 307

Joan rushes to cross off items on her bucket list after receiving a bit of upsetting news from her doctor.

Episode 308

In the third-season finale, Melissa worries that she could be pregnant; and Joan plans a party in honour of her staff on a yacht.