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Hit & Miss

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Hit & Miss

It’s Hit & Miss when a transgender contract killer becomes a mom.

Chloë Sevigny stars as Mia in a powerful series about love, death and work.

Chloë Sevigny stars in Hit & Miss as Mia, a contract killer with a secret: she’s a transgender woman. Mia’s life is sent into a tailspin when a dying ex-girlfriend reveals that eleven years ago, Mia fathered a son. Faced with a difficult decision, Mia becomes the guardian to a new family forcing her to mix her killer lifestyle with her newly developing maternal instincts.

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Episode 01 Episode 1

Transgender contract killer Mia is thrown off her game when her former girlfriend, Wendy, reveals that they have an 11-year old child together.

Episode 02 Episode 2

Riley reluctantly agrees to let Mia take Leonie to a ballet class. Surrounded by ‘real’ mothers, Mia feels out of place.

Episode 03 Episode 3

John becomes furious at Riley when she reveals some surprising information. Meanwhile, Mia’s love life takes a turn for the better.

Episode 04 Episode 4

With no one else to turn to, Riley confides in Mia and shares some shocking news. Meanwhile, Eddie notices that Mia’s work is starting to suffer.

Episode 05 Episode 5

Mia’s professional and personal lives collide when Riley takes matters into her own hands regarding John’s aggressive behaviour.

Episode 06 Episode 6

Mia takes the kids to a fairground in town. But their pleasant trip turns bleak when she spots someone from her past.