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Fit For Fashion

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Fit for Fashion takes 12 individuals dedicated to transforming their bodies and their lives through 10 weeks of exhausting and gruelling challenges, both physical and fashion centric.  Guided by expert Fitness First trainers they will learn new skills to get fit, strengthen their minds, feed their souls and transform their bodies.  After all, you need to be fit, confident and beautiful on the inside before you can rock a gorgeous outfit on the outside.

Episode 101 The Raw Material

Contestants arrive at Tanjong Jara Resort, an exclusive resort on Malaysia’s East Coast. Surprised by their luxurious surroundings, they are quickly brought back down to earth with their first exhausting challenge.


Episode 102 Confidence Is Key

Exhausted by their first few rounds in the gym, the contestants face a daunting new challenge. They must climb up a raging waterfall and then repel down.


Episode 103 Mind Over Body

Facing one’s fear is always a challenge and in this week’s episode, if the contestants are afraid of heights, they are going to have a problem. 


Episode 104 Movement Matters

Whether you’re working your body hard or you’re trying to rock a new outfit, the way in which youmove matters. For their physical challenge, our contestants are put to the test in a dusty, hot quarry to see how well they can move monster tires.

Episode 105 Commitment

8 contestants have made it to the halfway point and now it’s anyone’s game. To test their mettle a complex obstacle awaits them as they literally walk across water.


Episode 106 Endurance Rules

This week’s challenges are not for the faint of heart, or stamina. Seven contestants remain and it is everyone for themselves as they sweat it out in the gym to see who will succeed.


Episode 107 Power Plays

With just six contestants remaining, the pressure is mounting and emotions are rising. It’s anyone’s game and there’s no real clue as to who will be the next to go.

Episode 108 Discovery From Within

This week the contestants must dig deep to find a buried treasure and then they must become their own art directors in a high fashion shoot set in a beautiful beachside village.

Episode 109 Trust Is A Two Way Street

Five remain in this emotional penultimate episode. In their final team pairings, they must rely on each other in a blindfolded physical challenge and trust each other in a fashion shoot based on intimacy.

Episode 110 The Journey To Win

After ten weeks of exhausting physical contests, endless workout sessions and intriguing fashion challenges, only 4 remain in this final series episode. Winner takes all as they each take a look back at the journey they started months ago and compete in a physical and fashion centric challenges.