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Eyewitness to murder, Philip and Henning, stand outside under a threatening sky looking at the camera.

Eyewitness pulls two young men into a world of murder

Philip and Henning try to find a quiet place – and their world explodes into violence

Philip and Henning just want a quiet place to be together in safety – but when they witness a murder, they are pulled into an underground world of gang killings, hostages and constantly shifting loyalties. As the police track leads and the mob searches for a witness, Philip and Henning find their lives spiralling out of control.

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Episode 01

A lover’s tryst goes dark for Philip and Henning when they stumble into a murder plot that’s much bigger than either of them. Meanwhile, chief of police Helen tracks a body to Zana Milonkovic, the daughter of a Z gang member.

Episode 02

An explosion involving Zana leaves Helen fearing gang war may break out in Oslo. At the lake, Philip and Henning disagree over going to the police when the ditched pistol floats to the surface.

Episode 03

When a young girl is shot outside a school, Philip breaks his silence and tells Helen everything, but it may be too late. The Oslo Police welcome their new police chief: the killer Henning and Philip saw at the sand quarry.

Episode 04

Murderous police chief Rob lays false trails at the precinct, and Philip runs away from his foster home in suicidal despair. Henning, realizing his mistake, comes clean to Helen to defend his lover.

Episode 05

Helen fears for Henning’s safety and goes straight to Ron with a request for witness protection for him. Ron discovers that Henning is the witness, and takes fatal action as Philip races to intercede.

Episode 06

Helen suspects a leak after the attempt on Henning’s life, and things spiral out of control as Ron scrambles for damage control. Loyalties shift as Philip and Henning are thrust into danger along with Helen.