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Dolly Parton – Song By Song

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Dolly Parton: Song by Song feature image with Dolly in a white jewelled top with long blond wavy hair, singing while holding onto a microphone.

 My music is what took me everywhere I’ve been and everywhere I will go. It’s my greatest love. I can’t abandon it. I’ll always keep making records.” – Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton: Song by Song 

A six-part look at the songbook of the great Dolly Parton.

In every episode of Dolly Parton: Song by Song, a single song is tracked from its inception. The series looks at Dolly’s inspiration for writing and recording a song, the immediate impact the song had, and the legacy and accolades Dolly’s songs received. Each song story provides a calibrated insight into the unparalleled drama of a life fully lived and a career fully exploited. Dolly’s songs, like her character, are filled with resilience, fortitude, intellect, insight, and compassion. 

With guests including Miley Cyrus, Kristen Chenoweth, Kenny Rogers and Lily Tomlin, the stories behind the songs of Dolly Parton come to life.

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Episode 01 Coat Of Many Colours

A small town girl named Dolly came to Nashville to make it in country music – a lucky break put her on TV and formed a partnership that had Nashville buzzing.

Episode 02 Jolene

The little blonde bombshell from nowhere, TN wrote from the heart about personal experiences. But would a male dominated “good ol boy network” make way for this ‘girl singer’ who insisted on doing things her way?

Episode 03 I Will Always Love You

When Dolly broke ties with the hottest country TV star, she wrote a simple tune that expressed her feelings for her now riled ex-partner.

Episode 04 It's All Wrong, But It's All Right

As Dolly’s music began to cross over into pop, the struggle began to keep her country fans believing she hadn’t abandoned them begins


Episode 05 9 to 5

From humble beginnings to the silver screen, Dolly faced the challenges of being a small town country girl in Hollywood.

Episode 06 Travelin' Thru

By 2005, Dolly was a singing superstar, a philanthropist and a successful businesswoman, but she wasn’t slowing down. Singing the theme song for Transamerica launched her into the world of LGBT activism.