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Beauty and the Beach

Show Description


Thailand is a hotspot for world class cosmetic surgery, and Beauty And The Beach follows groups of complete strangers as they meet and undergo life changing procedures. Experience the exciting, bewildering, painful, exhilarating and ultimately liberating journey of plastic surgery in paradise.

For many, it’s a metamorphosis. Plastic surgery, long out of reach for the masses, is now no longer the preserve of the rich and famous – in fact everyday people are undergoing procedures in 5-star luxury. In Thailand, prices are so affordable that cosmetic surgery clients arrive every week. Chasing their last hope at a new life in the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand… Operations are performed in a world-class hospital by leading plastic surgeons, and recovery is about being pampered with luxury in five-star hotels.

Viewers will be entranced by the variety of people taking all sorts of available options – breast augmentation for young and old, Mother & daughter bride packages, hen’s parties, dental implants, post-baby mummy makeovers, male breast reduction, liposuction, Designer Vaginas and even booty lifts … But it’s not all champagne, boob jobs and snow-white teeth. Many patients have suffered more than you can imagine. Cosmetic surgery tourism offers them all a chance at a new life. They will open up their hearts and emotionally connect with the audience.