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The A-List Dallas

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The A-List Dallas. Housewives. With Balls Y’all!

Say “Yee-Haw!” to Dallas with this hit docu-reality “A-List” franchise from the producers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Deep in the heart of Texas, this cast of socialite scene-making men and women are out to prove their New York counterparts have not cornered the market on having big dreams and bigger dramas. Dallas has recently surged onto the pop culture radar as a focal point for food, fashion and fabulous, earning it a spot worthy of exploring with this top-tier cast of natives. Meet Levi Crocker, Chase Hutchinson, Ashely Kelly, James Doyle taylor Garrett and Philip Willis as they bring the big state of Texas into the big drama of the A-List.

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Episode 01 The Higher the Hair, the Closer to Jesus

A-List Dallas E101_edited-1 Meet our wildly successful Texas A-Listers: Chase, Philip, James, Taylor and Levi, who are determined to wrangle anything their heart desires, even if it means stirring up a little drama.

Episode 02 Mark My Words

A-List Dallas E102_edited-1 Relationships are tested and parties are ruined as the drama continues in Dallas. Chase enlists Ashley to help plan his annual theme party and this year’s event is sure to be a splash…if only the boys would learn to behave themselves.

Episode 03 Revenge and Karma’s A Bitch

A-List Dallas E103_edited-2 Phillip & Levi have a score to settle after getting pushed in the pool at Chase’s party, but Taylor can’t be bothered to apologize to anybody. Meanwhile, Levi focuses his energy on his new underwear and swimsuit line.

Episode 04 How Do You Measure Up?

a-list dallas-ep 4-logotv_edited-1 Levi can’t seem to get anything right these days. His relationship with Taylor is on the rocks, the boys are pissed about being kept in the dark about the new couple.

Episode 05 That's Illegal in Texas

A-List-Dallas-E5a_edited-1 Believe it or not, Phillip has never officially come out to his mother (though he doesn’t think his being gay is a huge secret anymore!). To prepare, he decides to reconnect with someone else first – his estranged dad.

Episode 06 Get Out From Under My Boot

A-List-Dallas-E6_edited-1 All James wants is for his mother to be proud of him. So he decides to stop his partying ways and focus on his new career…party planning.

Episode 07 Bat Crazy

A-List Dallas E07_edited-1 Fresh off the heels of his blowout fight with Phillip, James licks his wounds and tries to navigate the aftermath with his friends. However, things don’t patch up so easily for James: Ashley won’t stop texting him, and he is “dead” to Phillip.

Episode 08 Horseplay

A-List Dallas E8_edited-1 Will Chase be able to rope Levi into a full time relationship? Or will he continue to see “date” as nothing more than a four letter word?

Episode 09 Forgive My Vengeful Ways

A-List Dallas E09_edited-1 Chase is trying to play it cool but it’s obvious he’s fallen head over heels for Levi, who still refuses to make their relationship official.

Episode 10 Showdown at the Rodeo

A-List Dallas E10_edited-1 Levi is chosen as the face of the gay rodeo and his friends are more than happy to celebrate with him. Especially Chase and Taylor who can’t seem to stop fighting! The tension increases after Taylor meets with controversial conservative pundit Ann Coulter.

Episode 11 Reunion

A-List Dallas E11_edited-1

Dallas boys and their gal pal Ashley are back and they’re ready to face off for another round of Texas style, over-the-top drama. These friends and frenemies will battle it out as they confront one another about what really happened on and off-camera.