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OUTtv Announces Fall 2018 Premiere Dates

OUTtv Announces Fall 2018 Premiere Dates

New Series He’s Fit and Sense Appeal Arrive on the Network in October

VANCOUVER, BC  – SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 – OUTtv, the world’s first LGBTQI+ television network, has set its Fall 2018 premiere dates, with exciting new series and returning favorites joining the schedule in October, November and December.  The line-up includes new episodes of popular OUTtv series  Knock Knock Ghost, Mom vs. Matchmaker, Never Apart and Don’t Quit Your Gay Job.  In addition, joining the schedule will be the premieres of new series He’s Fit  and Sense Appeal. 

Below is a detailed listing of news series featured on OUTtv’s schedule.  All programming is subject to change and all times are ET/PT.

Mom vs. Matchmaker – New Episodes – Mondays at 8:30pm, beginning October 1

Celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray takes on fierce and fiery moms in the hottest competitive dating show!  The Matchmaker and Mom choose their contenders and train them in a dating boot camp on everything from wardrobe, to physical contact, culture and manners; stacking the odds for romance to blossom.

He’s Fit – Series Premiere – Thursdays at 9:00pm, beginning October 4

Celebrity trainer Craig Ramsay hosts a show full of shirtless fitness, muscle and solid information!  He’s Fit spills all Ton looking good and quenching thirst!  Each episode Craig puts sexy insta-studs through a series of cheeky challenges all designed to find out why he’s fit!  It all leads up to the hottest challenge of them all, the Flex Battle where our musclebound guests are pitted against another stud to pose, flex and find out who’s the fittest of them all! 

Knock Knock Ghost – New Episodes – Wednesdays at 8:00pm, beginning October 17

A hauntingly humorous combination of three hilarious friends and the afterlife, Knock Knock Ghost features comedian Richard Ryder, trembling assistant Brie Doyle and world class psychic medium Jim Hunt as they travel the country searching for proof of the afterlife.

Never Apart TV – New Episodes – Tuesdays at 7:30pm, beginning October 23

Hosted by Michael Venus, Never Apart TV is an arts and culture news program that gives a much needed voice to queer artists.  Through artist visits, profiles and interviews we get to hear their unique stories and learn about their work.

Sense Appeal – Series Premiere – Thursdays at 1000pm, beginning November 29

Sense Appeal is a studio-based dating series, hosted by Patrick Orr, that tests all five senses when it comes to choosing a partner.  In each episode singles get to test the five senses on their potential matches before picking just one of them to take out on a date.

Don’t Quit Your Gay Job – New Episodes – Tuesdays at 8:00pm, beginning December 4

Host Robyn Daye Edwards challenges Adam and Tommy to get the job done right!  In each episode these two friends try out a new profession and compete to see who does it better.  From running a food truck to brewing craft beer to sharpening axes as lumberjacks, there is nothing that they won’t try in their pursuit of the ultimate dream job.

All of the announced programming will also be available to stream online and on OUTtvGo, OUTtv’s subscription video on demand service.  Viewers can stream content on iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku apps or at OUTtvGo.com.