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Lucas Silveira Discusses Co-hosting New Show Shine True

Published On: April 8, 2021
Written By: Bianca Sutton

Shine True, a new docu-series on OUTtv transcends any conventional makeover show you’ve seen before. In fact, the makeover element is just the tip of the iceberg. The series tracks the journeys of trans and non-binary young adults as they explore their inner identity and passions, which they convert into authentic self-expression and the ability to “Shine True.”

The series is hosted by transgender musician, artist, activist and life-coach Lucas Silveira and gender non-conforming influencer, activist and model Richie Shazam, who travel across North America offering guidance and support to trans and non-binary young adults who are learning to navigate their way and discover their identity.

We caught up with co-host and fellow Canadian Lucas Silveira to chat more about Shine True and what it was like to film such an emotional series.

So before we get into Shine True, tell us a bit about you and your life before hosting this show?

I’ve been primarily a singer/songwriter, musician and performer for most of my life. I was the first out transgender man signed to a major label deal with my band The Cliks in 2007 with Warner Music and Tommy Boy/Silver Label. It was an incredible accomplishment that I am still proud of to this day. I toured and performed internationally for years but soon realized that the music industry and life on the road was a toxic lifestyle for me.

After an immense personal evolution, I started to write a lot and in my personal and spiritual growth, realized that I had helped myself out of rock bottom and decided to go back to school for Life Coaching. As I moved through my writing and Life Coaching, I found myself working as interior designer and realized that I am truly a jack of all trades. Who knew that my next job description would literally be a combination of all of my life’s experiences melded into one!

The new series, of which you are a co-host has been running on OUTtv for a couple of weeks now, for those who haven’t seen it can you tell them what they can expect?

I think Shine True, whilst being called a makeover show is so much more than that. Although fashion is obviously a part of the journey, I think it’s what is used to help someone understand their power and value. They should also expect tears. Both of joy and hope and also compassion. You get to see how so many folks struggle and how, with the power of community, they can shine.

This was the first time you worked with your co-host Richie Shazam? How easy did you find it to jump straight into things?

To be perfectly honest, it was seamless. Richie is such a loving and caring human being and they have a fireyness to them that I felt very connected to.

Richie hasn’t only become someone I love dearly but she has taught me so much about courage and integrity in the short time I’ve known her. She feels like my tough little sibling who would throw down in the school yard if anyone tried to mess with me. She was incredible to work with and I hope the future allows us to spend a lot more time together.

The show definitely pulls at all the emotional heartstrings. One minute you are smiling, the next crying. As hosts did you find yourself getting emotional a lot during filming?

Oh gosh. It was a tissue fest. I had to keep my composure a few times when things got so immensely emotional for these folks. To see people suddenly look in the mirror and feel their own power is huge. It was beautifully overwhelming at times.

Were there any times with the participants that reminded you of moments in your own self-discovery?

Absolutely. There was a moment with Fran where I looked at them and saw my younger self. In so many ways. They are a musician and songwriter as well and I got to sit with them and help them finish writing a song and as we spoke, I just saw this part of who I was that never got to be free at that age. It made me feel so incredibly honoured that I would be part of their journey as a mentor. Still makes me smile wide.

Do you have a favourite moment from filming?

What I just spoke of was a highlight, writing a song with Fran. Also, a walk I took with Ronnie in their episode. I don’t want to give too much away but it felt powerful to be arm in arm with a trans femme of colour as someone there to protect, to support. It gave me shivers the courage they had in doing that and that they trusted me enough to let me walk them through it.

You were on the road for a long time filming the season – where was one of your favourite places to film in?

Chicago was a highlight for sure. Even during a pandemic. I didn’t get to see much for obvious reasons but it has such a great vibe and although I’d played shows there many times, it was cool to be there longer than 2 days so I could get a sense of the energy of the city.

You live in Toronto, how was it filming in your hometown?

I loved it of course. And it was cool to be able to connect with folks in the cast from where I lived. It helped in understanding their connections to what was around them as a means to feel more connected to them.

The crew behind Shine True was predominantly members of the LGBTQ+ community – how important was this to the shows success?

It was the central to its success. I can’t speak for Richie but for myself, when you are surrounded by and working with people who understand how you need to move through the world, you just feel safer. Not to mention that they were all so incredibly kind and talented. Our director Michelle Mama was a force and was a fearless leader. I learned so much from everyone I worked with.

The participants of the show seem to learn a lot about themselves and their identity during the show, did you find you learnt a lot about yourself during filming?

Absolutely. The entire experience was transformational. I am a firm believer that even in mentoring or coaching others, that you must always be mindful of the lessons they bring you as well. Emotional growth is constant and for me, I just took everything in I could to explore parts of myself.

How important is style and fashion as a form of expression for you?

Extremely. It was my first form of gender expression and continues to be a part of my daily life that I use as a means to feel empowered and safe. Fashion is beyond an idea of vanity. Especially for queer folks. It is how many of us express who we are to the world and it is a part of our culture. Of all the things I own and invest in the most, you can ask anyone I know, it’s clothing. I don’t need a fancy car but gurrrrrl, I’m gonna need a bigger closet soon. And it’s an investment in my mental wellness. It’s not about vanity at all. My body is a place of constant negotiation for grounding and I need to be able to use the healthiest tools I can access to feel good about being in it.

You act as a mentor during the show, what is some advice you received in the past that has been really helpful for you?

My dad was a blue collar worker and he and my mom had always worked really hard to survive as immigrants in Canada and I never saw him really lay back and enjoy his life because he was always worried about providing for all of us. Before my father passed away, I had just gone through a divorce and was concerned about my survival. In the conversation he said, “Do you have enough?” and I said “Yes.” And his response was one I’d never have expected because of how he lived his own life. And he said back “That’s all that matters. Enough.” It wasn’t only the lesson I learned in his response but that he had grown as a person in his older years and shown to me that people can change their perspective of what we value based on how open we are to receive lessons from our own mistakes.

Since filming what have you been up to?

I got signed with a small literary publisher in Toronto called Ballpoint Agency and am currently working on a memoir and an illustrated children’s book. I’m also preparing to record a solo album and am essentially waiting out the pandemic when it’s safe to go back into a music studio to do so.


Shine True air every Monday at 10pm ET/PT on OUTtv and is available immediately after broadcast on OUTtvGo. Missed the first few episodes? Head over to OUTtvGo now to catch up.