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Cabaret the Musical – COMING SOON – Vancouver

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 4:34 pm by David Jones — Make a Comment

Tomo Suru Players is a community theatre group that is known for pushing boundaries and sometimes challenging the audience with subject matter that can we quite edgy. This time out they are pushing physical boundaries as they are staging the dark musical Cabaret as a immersive experience for the audience in the modestly sized Club XY.

I asked both Sarah Seekamp who plays the daunting role of Sally Bowles and Max Hall who plays one of the Kit Kat Club dancers some questions about this exciting upcoming production.

1) This renowned musical is being presented in unique way – what is the funnest or scariest part of this interpretation?

Sarah: For me the most fun AND the most terrifying part of our             interpretation is how close the audience is to us and how frequently we interact with them.



2) What challenges do you face as an actor when there is a Oscar winning movie version to be compared to?

Sarah: How does one compete with Liza Minnelli?! You can’t! The challenge is that people are coming in already knowing the character so It’s up to me to make sure my interpretation keeps them on their toes. 

3) In your opinion what is the best – people are going to blown away by it – song in the show?

Max: I feel the audience will be blown away by the song ‘I Dont Care      Much’. The MC (played by Gil) shares a beautifully raw rendition of this song that keeps you captivated.

Sarah: I love ‘Mein Herr’ but I think people are going to absolutely        adore ‘Married’.


4) This is a huge production with undoubtedly many exciting challenges to rehearse and stage. What has been an accomplishment or success in rehearsal that you are most proud of that an audience might not fully realize?

Sarah: My quick change off stage after ‘Mein Herr’! Everything comes off – even the mic pack – and we some how manage to put me back together mere seconds before I burst back on stage! 

Max: A huge success in this show has been the timing. From the choreography to the scene changes, the timing in this show plays a very big part in the flow of the story. I feel our production team has worked very hard to ensure the show flows when it should, and also halts when it needs to.

5) What will be the audiences biggest takeaway from this show?

Max: The biggest takeaway from this show will be the different paths the characters choose once understanding their position in politics. Some will shock you, some will please you, and some will make you feel uneasy.

Sarah: I’m hoping the audience will be able to draw a parallel between the shows’ content and what is happening in the world today… I don’t want to give too much away for those who don’t know the story yet!

October 12th – 15th and October 19th – 22nd
Club XY
1216 Bute Street
TICKETS starting at $25
Get Tickets Here.

Director                 Gerald Williams
Assistant Direct      Johnny Wu          
Musical Director     Jeremy Hoffman
Choreographer       Lyndsey Britten
Stage Manager       Amber Scott       
Costume/Prop        Meaghan Cate
Lighting                 Michael Methot

Sally Bowles           Sarah Seekamp
Emcee                   Gil Yaron
Frau Kost              Stefanie Stanl   
Cliff Bradshaw      Max Smith           
Ernst Ludwig         John Ennis Graham                         
Frau Schneider      Jacqollyne Keath             
Herr Schultz         Charlie Deagon

Kit Kat Members                                
Rosie                    Madison Sim     
Frenchie               Sarah Moir   
Lulu                      Terran Milne     
Helga                    Krista Aggerholm             
Bobby                   Max Hall             
Victor                   Vince Kanasoot