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6 Modern Wood Wall Clocks To Spruce Up Any Decor

Posted on July 12, 2017 at 1:30 pm by Jacques — Make a Comment

Although most of us can find out the time by quickly checking our phones, there’s something to be said for taking a moment to look away from a screen and check the time on a beautifully crafted wall clock. Here are 6 examples of modern wood wall clocks that will have you wanting to check the time even when you already know what time it is.

1. This light wood wall clock is simplistic in design and makes a perfect addition to a minimal interior.

Modern Wood Wall Clock from Storia Dell Orso

2. Natural untreated birch plywood has been laser cut and engraved to create this unique honeycomb wood wall clock.

Modern Honeycomb Clock from JS Laser Craft

3. The fun colors and patterns on these Mondrian-inspired and pop art-inspired clocks make them a fun addition to any room in a modern home.

Wall Clocks from Cardboard Safari

4. The folds on the surface of these wood wall clocks create shadows that change throughout the day as light moves throughout the room.

Delta Clock designed by LAWA DESIGN

5. The hands of these solid wood clocks match the colorful rims to make sure the clocks are simple, fun, and modern.

OTONO Design designed this solid wood clock.

6. Animal faces made from simple geometric shapes create whimsical wood wall clocks perfect for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms.

Graphic design by Paul Farrell. Manufactured by ByShop.