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4 Essentials You Need To Create A Scandinavian Bedroom

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 10:39 am by Jacques — Make a Comment

Scandinavian bedrooms are among some of the most relaxing spaces you can find. Minimal clutter, luxurious blankets, bits of nature, and lots of light make them nearly impossible to leave. To help you create your own Scandinavian inspired bedroom, here are a few key elements you’ll typically find in them.

1. Color

Scandinavian bedrooms, like the rest of their interiors, usually have minimal amounts of color. They’re kept natural and bright and typically come in one of two color schemes.
Rich & Deep
These bedrooms either feature all dark walls, a dark feature wall, or richly colored textiles that give the room a cozy feel and add a sense of depth to the space.



White & Bright
Another common color scheme in Scandinavian bedrooms is white and light tones of grey. This keeps the space feeling bright but the grays give it a soft slightly contrasting tone.


2. Materials

Scandinavian bedrooms are all about texture. Crumpled linens, layers of blankets, piles of pillows, and wood elements create the perfect mix of textures that add dimension and warmth to the bedroom.



3. Decor

If you haven’t noticed, Scandinavian decor is usually made of pieces that are both functional and nice to look at. Every piece is carefully selected to make sure that it serves more than just the function of looking nice.
Plants are often found in just about every Scandinavian room. Whether it’s a large house plant sitting in a corner, a succulent on a bedside, or dried flowers in a vase on top of the dresser, elements of nature are essential. And while they’re beautiful to look at, live plants also serve to purify the air.



Textiles are another way Scandinavian bedrooms include multi-functional decor pieces. Chunky knit blankets, wrinkly linen throws, lush carpets, and perfectly fluffed pillows add warmth and comfort to the space but also look beautiful when draped across the end of the bed or piled up at the head of it.


Art is an exception to the functional and beautiful rule – unless of course you count looking beautiful as the function.
Black and white prints and photos are put on display in simple frames to let the art stand on its own. And while some bedrooms feature art on the walls, leaving large pieces in their frame on the floor is another common way art is displayed in Scandinavian bedrooms.


4. Furniture

Furniture is kept to a minimum in Scandinavian bedrooms. Dressers are used when necessary but clothes are usually kept in closets or on hanging rods displayed somewhere in the room.


Night stands in Scandinavian bedrooms are also usually unique in their design or material. Chairs, crates, baskets, or piles of magazines are common finds in Scandinavian bedrooms give the room a minimal yet functional feel.