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The Switch

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The Switch, Production Still, Series

The Switch

Work.  Love.  Mortal Danger.

What do you get when you mix contract killing, teenage blues, LGBT rainbows, weirdness, and a murder mystery? Welcome to East Vancouver! It’s the home of marginal living, social inequity, and Craneview Place, a former industrial site that’s almost safe for human habitation. Meet some intriguing folks you might glimpse at the bus stop and not usually think think twice about. Each is coming out of their cocoon, but what’s emerging – and how will the world deal with them?

The Switch follows a predominantly transgender cast (with all trans roles played by trans actors) as they navigate the social standards of two separate worlds — cis and trans, comfortable and struggling, familiar and bizarre — and work to build a sense of community out of their disparate lives.

It could be botching the metric system while buying things online, then trying to pay off debts by moonlighting as a text-message dominatrix, until the boyfriend suspects you’re texting your ex, so you set up a double-date, which leads to a fistfight over the bill, and before you know it, someone is trying to mess with your medical records, which is a problem because you’ve already fudged them, and you have to deal with all this when your roommate is still a wanted eco-terrorist— and that’s just one character.

Episode 01 Bottom Of The Rabbit Hole

The Switch_PS_028 - ep1After getting fired for coming out as trans at work, Sü’s carefully planned life spins out of control, and she winds up crashing on Chris’s couch in Craneview Place. She meets Antonia, zer landlord who is obviously up to something illegal, and Zoey, a teenage neighbour with no sense of boundaries.

Episode 02 Funemployment


Zoey shadows Chris hoping to uncover zer secret occupation as ze tries to cover up zer profession. Sü finds out she’s even more broke than she anticipated, but fortunately the handsome Russell drives her around town to hunt for jobs.

Episode 03 Don't Give An F

The Switch_PS_035 - ep3

Zoey tricks Chris into posing as her legal guardian so they can exact revenge on her bullies. Meanwhile, Sü realizes that her text-message client is her boss and fobs him off on Phil.

Episode 04 Doomball

The Switch_PS_046 - ep4

Sü convinces Zoey to join Doomball—a contact sport with a frighteningly high casualty rate. Chris and Antonia elbow in on the Doomball experience, but for the opposing team, and Chris meets a new flame, who might also be a contract killer.

Episode 05 Date Night

The Switch_PS_065 - ep5

Sensing underlying problems in her relationship, Sü tries to compensate by arranging a double date. Zoey tries to date someone online who is cool and dangerous while Sandra would rather she not date at all. And Antonia takes a solid look at what she really wants.

Episode 06 Assess This!

The Switch_PS_138 - ep6

Sü and Phil both go through medical assessment for surgery—but Russell is anything but supportive. Zoey and Sandra clash, and Toni finally comes out as transitioning to male. Oh, and Sandra finds out what Chris is up to…