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The Sassy Scoop

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The Sassy Scoop

Josh Rimer gets sassy every day on OUTtv

Who doesn’t love a crazy viral video or a funny top 10 list?

Throughout the day on OUTtv you can catch Josh Rimer sharing his humour on The Sassy Scoop. Each episode features Josh, pop culture, and a lot of humour. Stay tuned between your favourite programs to share a laugh and maybe even learn something new! 



Josh both produces and hosts The Sassy Scoop, which premiered online as a popular web series on YouTube and quickly found its way onto TV. Josh’s experience on local TV stations in Alberta and broadcast education from Mount Royal University shines in each episode.

Currently working in Vancouver, Josh performs live improv with the Queer Prov troupe on Mondays at XY. 

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