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The New Normal

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The New Normal, Gay, LGBT, Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha

The New Normal

Nuclear family is getting a whole new meaning… 

The New Normal is an American sitcom about a successful gay couple that meets the surrogate of their dreams.

Bryan and David are a successful Los Angeles couple who have it all… except the one thing they’re missing: a baby. And just when they think the stars will never align, enter Goldie, a Midwestern waitress and single mother who moved to L.A. with her precocious eight-year-old daughter. Desperate and broke – but also fertile – Goldie quickly becomes the guys’ surrogate and quite possibly the girl of their dreams. Surrogate mother, surrogate family.

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Episode 01 Pilot

A waitress and single mother from the Midwest agrees to be a surrogate mother for Los Angeles couple Bryan and David.

Episode 02 Sofa's Choice

Shania tries to adapt to her new surroundings; Bryan and David plan a night out on the town after reminiscing about when they first met; Jane makes a disturbing discovery.

Episode 03 Baby Clothes

The guys meet resistance when they try to return the baby clothes Bryan bought against David’s advice; Shania makes a new friend when she wears a baby outfit to school.

Episode 04 Obama Mama

Shania surprises Bryan and David when she reveals she plans to vote for Obama in her school’s mock election; the guys throw a party to prove that they have a diverse group of friends.

Episode 05 Nanagasm

David plans a family dinner to tell his mother about the baby; Bryan commiserates with Goldie about mother-in-law problems; Jane seeks out David’s medical advice after experiencing an unusual sensation.

Episode 06 Bryanzilla

Shania announces that she and a classmate are having a pretend wedding; a life-changing decision is made.

Episode 07 The Godparent Trap

Bryan starts thinking about the traditions of his Roman Catholic upbringing and seeks advice from a priest at a local church; David and Bryan want their friends Victoria and Tiffany to be their baby’s godparents.

Episode 08 Unplugged

When Shania, Goldie, Bryan and David’s lives are interrupted by electronic devices, Shania suggests that they all give up modern technology for a day; Rocky teaches Jane how to use Twitter.

Episode 09 Pardon Me

Shania and Bryan adopt all the turkeys at the farm and decide to have a meat-free Thanksgiving; the family invites people that they need to make amends with to dinner.

Episode 10 The XY Factor

Bryan and David accidentally learn the baby’s gender; Shania’s performance at a school assembly reminds Goldie she has dreams to pursue; Shania gets suspended.

Episode 11 Baby Proofing

Bryan and David start fighting after David hires a woman to baby-proof their home; the family discovers eggnog has a pleasant effect on Jane; Bryan and Jane attend a party.

Episode 12 The Goldie Rush

David and Bryan set Bryan’s ex-boyfriend (Matt Bomer) up with Gary, who wants a family of his own; Jane and Rocky help Shania deal with mean girls.

Episode 13 Stay-At-Home Dad

After failing to find a nanny, Bryan and David vie for the role of stay-at-home dad.

Episode 14 Gaydar

Shania thinks Rocky’s new crush might be gay, while Jane wonders about a fellow realtor’s sexuality; David considers how his future son may be treated.

Episode 15 Dairy Queen

Bryan buys an apparatus that allows men to simulate breastfeeding; Shania is upset when she learns that she was not breastfed as a baby.

Episode 16 Dog Children

David and Bryan fret when they have to rush their puppy, Harvey Milkbone, to the vet; Shania disrupts class with an homage to actress Maggie Smith; romantic feelings are rekindled between Goldie and Clay.

Episode 17 Rocky Bye Baby

Despite not wanting one, Bryan and David allow their friends to throw them a baby shower; Clay and Shania decide to throw a surprise shower for Goldie.

Episode 18 Para-New Normal Activity

Bryan gets into the Halloween spirit by decorating the house and making his annual trip to the pumpkin patch with his friend, Nicole Richie; David disagrees with Bryan’s Halloween costume theme; Clay makes an announcement.

Episode 19 Blood, Sweat and Fears

Bryan researches natural birthing techniques; Goldie tries to expand her children’s clothing business; Shania helps Rocky face her insecurities.

Episode 20 About A Boy Scout

During a Boy Scout overnight, a father disagrees with David’s lifestyle; Rocky helps Goldie with her secret crush.

Episode 21 Finding Name-O

David and Bryan struggle to choose a name for their baby; Goldie and Shania both have an identity crisis; Clay decides to share his feelings with Goldie.

Episode 22 The Big Day

Despite the many challenges that arise, David and Bryan are determined to get married before their baby is born.