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The Apartment

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Contestant Group Shot 2

The Apartment – Design Your Destiny is a reality television show where 9 teams compete in an interior designing show hosted by Jamie Durie, and judged by both him and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Designed as a pressure stress test, teams will design and decorate a room each week.

Episode 101

In this episode, The three teams are introduced. Each team comprising of 2 members – there’s the loving couple Jeremy & Renai, housemates Syed & Rodrigo and last but not least, the frien-emies Michael & Artika. These 6 hopefuls aspire to be the new owners of a Sime Darby apartment, The Quarza.

Episode 102

The contestants gather around 3 Residen’s pool and Kahi Lee explains that they will now be decorating the living Room with only 10 hours to complete it. 

Episode 103

Once again, the contestants gather around 3 Residen’s pool where Kahi Lee informs them that they’ll be designing the master ensuite and guest bathrooms for a limited time of 9 hours.

Episode 104

Kahi reveals the week’s challenge which is the Master Bedroom. The contestants are provided with a fresh supply of paint and an additional lump sum of money for their lighting needs.

Episode 105

The contestants are now halfway through the design and decorating competition, their new challenge is the ‘flex’ room, basically, an entire room to do what they wish with it but must add value and style to the apartment.

Episode 106

Kahi meets the contestants as usual by the pool of 3 Residen for the challenge brief and reveals a surprise twist, the contestants have to complete a double challenge, two rooms, the kitchen and the dining room, both of which will be critiqued individually and on a whole. For this challenge, contestants will only have 8 hours to complete the task. 

Episode 107

The contestants final challenge is the upstairs family room. Once the challenge is complete, they will be just 7 days away from finding out who has won the grand prize, a Sime Darby dream condo in The Quarza.

Episode 108

The teams meet with Kahi for a final time at 3 Residen where she tells them that they have 12 final hours to make their apartments show-house-ready. Jeremy & Renai have $32,000 left from their budget, Syed & Rodrigo have $13,000 left and the biggest spenders Michael & Artika only have $4,000.