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I’m a Stripper Too

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I'm A Stripper Too, Charlie David,  Lulu Belle, Gabriel, Bronco, male strippers

 I’m A Stripper Too 

The True Stories of Real-Life Strippers

I’m a Stripper Too offers the full meal deal and, with so much of its subjects’ personal lives exposed, leaves its audience with a lot to chew on. Meet Gabriel – his life is anything but dull. He maintains an open relationship with his fiancé Laila, who approves of him dating other women and men. Practicing Tai Chi and Wicca allow him to find balance in his life of extremes. But will he be able to keep a clear head when his father Lucas reveals he’s kept a few secrets of his own? It turns out Lucas, the construction foreman, also likes to be called Lulu Belle while at home. Meanwhile,  small town life suits Bronco just fine. He holds down three part-time jobs to pay the rent. He runs a hockey school, sharpens skates in the pro-shop and throws boat cruise parties in the summer months. He also moonlights – as a male exotic dancer. With his 30th birthday looming, his mother and friends have a lot of advice to offer. Some say it’s time to hang up the G-String while others encourage him to resist the urge to ‘grow up’. You’ll meet them all in I’m A Stripper Too!

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