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Hot Pink Shorts – The Making of

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‘Hot Pink Shorts: The Making Of’ features six unique queer filmmakers as OUTtv gives them the chance to make their very own short films. Using as a platform to discover the talent, web users themselves were given the opportunity to bring their favorite filmmakers and story ideas into the spotlight.

Once chosen the featured 6 filmmakers experience an intensive 3‐month film school 101. Mentored by queer industry professionals, the finalists are taken step by step through the entire production process from scripting and crewing, to casting and location scouting. The behind the scenes drama and their projects themselves come to life in front of our eyes. Each episode will highlight one of our GLBT filmmakers, featuring their journey from concept through the agonies of postproduction and final delivery. ‘Hot Pink Shorts: The Making Of’ truly showcases the rollercoaster like adventure that is filmmaking.

Episode 01

Meet Gina Daggett, columnist, writer, producer and first time filmmaker. Gina doesn’t have the experience but she certainly has the ideas and the enthusiasm to make her project ‘Til Death Do Us Toby’ a smashing success.

Episode 02

Meet Kevin Kostal, eager and creative film school student with a passion for everything film related. What Kevin lacks in confidence he makes up for with his keen style and vision. Two things that make his first short film ‘Short Sight’, a fantastic achievement.

Episode 03

Meet Melissa Sky, founder of femme fatale productions in Waterloo, Ontario. Up until now Melissa’s experience has been limited to non-narrative, experimental films, but she is a born writer. Her great understanding of story proves to be a valuable asset on her journey to creating her first narrative piece, ‘The Princes Sword.’

Episode 04

Meet Steven Bereznai, renowned author and all around great guy. Steven will be the first to admit he knows close to nothing about filmmaking. But his organizational skills and his eagerness to learn come in handy as he attempts to pull of his first short film, ‘Let’s Get Soaking Wet.’

Episode 05

Meet Sean Horlor and Steve Adams. You probably know Sean from his hosting duties on OUTtv’s Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, but now it’s time to meet his better half – Steve. Together they make a filmmaking dream team on a mission to complete there first short film, ‘Just the Tip.’

Episode 06

Meet David C. Jones, actor, writer, director, producer and go-getter. David doesn’t know it yet but he is about to embark on one of the bumpiest yet most rewarding experiences of his filmmaking career. He is a true example of determination as he does whatever it takes to complete his film ‘The Bonus.’