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The Face of Furry Creek

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The Face of Furry Creek invites you into a small mountain community on the brink of bankruptcy as they hold a tourism contest in this original comedy series by Mark Kenneth Woods (Deb and Sisi, House of Venus Show). Five citizens are chosen to compete to become The Face of Furry Creek bringing out both the crazy and the creative, as Furry Creek is swept up in their own homegrown reality show.

Parodying every reality hit from “Housewives” to “Dance Moms”, each week the hilariously eccentric contestants (all brilliantly played by Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Venus) are faced with the task of creating various digital media. These digital creations are posted on the series website where the public can vote for their favourites.

And the stakes are high! With the winner receiving a large cash prize, these five financially challenged candidates compete in a hilarious cycle of lies, seduction and manipulation on their way to winning “The Face of Furry Creek.”

So tune in and enjoy the competition, the vlogs and the social network faux pas. Watch our five desperate contestants lie, cheat, brag, and steal to win it all.

New episodes air Mondays 9pm ET/PT beginning June 3rd.


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Episode 01 Meet The Faces


Live and on-air, Mario Mancini announces The Face of Furry Creek tourism campaign.

Five desperate citizens in financial trouble decide to enter a contest to find “the face” of Furry Creek’s new tourism campaign. Desperate times call for desperate measures – and these five candidates will put the “rat” in desperate.

Episode 02 Blurgs


Deb and Sisi are suspicious of an unwelcome visitor in Furry Creek.

The contestants are asked to write a blog post but Deb’s troubled past emerges when new neighbours move in. Chad and Guy decide to rate Furry Creek’s finest ladies and Greg takes a liking to their new homestay.

Episode 03 Facelikes & Twats

Greg is in deep water. How far will he go to be The Face of Furry Creek?

Greg is in deep water. How far will he go to be The Face of Furry Creek?

As the contestants take on social media, a clueless Deb suddenly becomes obsessed. Chad and Guy ponder what women really want. Greg takes the challenge too far and a contestant is caught in the bush.

Episode 04 PSA’s and Perverts

Chad strikes a pose for his PSA about himself in The Face of Furry Creek contest.

Chad strikes a pose for his PSA about himself in The Face of Furry Creek contest.

Deb is put on a strict diet when the contestants are asked to create a public service announcement. Chad and Guy fight over a new girl in town while Liz plans an intervention. Another contestant is dramatically eliminated in The Face of Furry Creek contest.

Episode 05 Sex & the Diversity

Freddy and Petunia swear they have non-white friends in Furry Creek. The maid maybe?

Freddy and Petunia swear they have non-white friends in Furry Creek. The maid maybe?

Liz receives an anonymous threat. A jealous Guy gets revenge, and Deb tries to use sex appeal to get ahead. The competition gets ugly when the contestants are asked to show Furry Creek’s diversity. That is, if they can find it.

Episode 06 The Face


  Sisi and Deb prepare for the final challenge.... who will become The Face of Furry Creek?

Sisi and Deb prepare for the final challenge…. who will become The Face of Furry Creek?

Sisi consoles Deb when her greatest fear comes alive. Meanwhile, Chad tries to piece a mystery together. And the final three contestants face off in the last challenge where The Face of Furry Creek winner is finally declared!


Mark Kenneth Woods
Writer, Producer, Director, Actor (Mario, Deborah, Guy, Greg, Yoshi)

profile_markMark, or MKW as he is affectionately known, is to blame for creating the demented world of Furry Creek. He also bosses everyone else around but they still love the money him. Mark is a comedy writer, actor, producer, director and occasional reporter whose work has been broadcast on television in dozens of countries and has screened in over 250 festivals and galleries around the world. Not too shabby. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and a master’s degree from York University. Also not too shabby. But Mark is probably best known as the creator and star of 3 seasons of the TV series The House of Venus Show  (2005-2009), the world’s first LGBT sketch comedy show, his short series Pimp & Ho and his feature film Deb and Sisi (2008). Ugh, what a showboater. When he’s not doing every job imaginable on The Face of Furry Creek, Mark enjoys a jug of wine every now and always and is a travel nut. He is currently saving up for a cultural tour of Saskatoon’s best rave parties for the 30+ crowd with Ryan Steele. www.markkennethwoods.com


Michael Venus
Associate Producer, Actor (Brenda, Sisi, Chad, Liz)

profile_michael2Michael is a multi-disciplinary artist and founder of the collective The House of Venus. Over the past 20 years, Michael has revolutionized the underground scene through parties, events and art “happenings”, whatever those are. Heavily influenced by Warhol, Venus continues to create film, music, video and visual art with political and social change in mind. And then there’s The Face of Furry Creek. Michael met Mark Kenneth Woods in 2000 and the two have been making “people” (i.e. themselves) laugh ever since. Venus co-produced and starred in Woods’ series The House of Venus Show and feature film Deb and Sisi and their collaborative efforts have continued with Furry Creek. But “he” is also famous for being a “she”. Michael’s drag alter ego Miss Cotton is a fairy godmother of glamour (and narcissism!). But our crew likes Michael best we he leaves the glamour behind. Cue Sisiwww.houseofvenus.com


Amy Goodmurphy
Actor (Petunia, Charmaine, Natalia, Re-enactment Sisi)

profile_amyAmy is a raging tomboy who possessed a bowl cut and a rat tail as a child and begged people to call her Ricky. On set we call her Bryan #2. Sorry lady. Amy met Ryan Steele 6 years ago and they’ve never stopped putting each other down since. Often times in front of audiences in their hilarious live comedy show The Ryan and Amy Show or as part of the cast of YTV’s The Funny Pit. Amy loves comedy and cites Molly Shannon as her number 1 inspiration. She’d like to point out that she drives a used 2008 Ford Escape that has about 8 trillion Kms/Miles on it so yep, she’s doing well for herself. And with all the money she made from The Face of Furry Creek, she’ll finally be able to fulfill her dream of owning that “new car smell”. In the form of a “new car” scented air freshener from the dollar store of course. www.ryanandamyshow.com


Ryan Steele
Actor (Freddy, Re-enactment Deb)

profile_ryanBryan #1, as we like to call him, is a sketch comedian who loves reality television and “gurl’s nights” with Mark Kenneth Woods where they share secrets and dye each other’s beards. He started in comedy professionally very early on in his life, at the age of 29, and has worked very hard ever since. He is still a bartender though so… but he met Amy Goodmurphy in 2007 bartending so that’s cool. The newly minted pals created The Ryan and Amy Show together, a regular live sketch comedy show, and have written, directed and acted in over 100 comedy shorts since! So Ryan is clearly both prolific and desperate for attention. He’s the guy behind youtube sensations Busy Drag QueenWoof and Adult Ravers. You may have also seen him with Amy in the YTV series The Funny Pit. Ryan vows never to stop making comedy videos and longs for the day when he can travel the world doing what he loves. But until then, he has to appear in shows like The Face of Furry Creekwww.ryanandamyshow.com