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Candy Bar Girls

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Candy Bar Girls is set at The Candy Bar, London, a lesbian Mecca attracting girls from across the globe who are searching for fun, sex and romance. Follow the lives of the young, gorgeous lesbians who work at this iconic Soho bar – as well as those who go there to party.

Offering a unique insight to this hidden world – filled with raunchy drama and strong personalities looking for love and dealing with the everyday chores and the ups and downs of vibrant city life.

Club owner Gary Henshaw has his own battles to maintain the club in the face of stiff competition and a refurbishment programmes – and new manager Sandra has her work cut out with the new bar staff and pole dancer.

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Episode 01

The club is under new ownership, and for the first time in its history, the new proprietor is a man. Gary owns a portfolio of property in the centre of London. He has hired top DJ Sandra as the club’s promotions manager, and the pair are looking to completely revamp the image of the nightspot. Danni is  chosen to be the ‘face’ of the club, meaning that her image will be used prominently on the advertising. However, the success she finds at the venue puts a strain on the relationship with her long-term girlfriend.

Episode 02

DJ Jo aspires to become a primary school teacher. And to prepare for her possible new career, Jo goes shopping for some more respectable togs. However, Jo soon has bigger problems when her house is burgled and the thieves snatch her computer and music collection. And bar girl Alex is spending a short break away in Paris with her girlfriend Sam. She is unaware that Sam is hoping to propose to her in the world’s romance capital. 

Episode 03

Dancer Danni is looking for a new flatmate, so 22-year-old hairdresser Natalie applies for the room. She is moving to London to make her fortune and to be closer to her identical twin sister, Kayleigh. On viewing the flat and meeting Danni, Natalie is eager to move in. However, on the drive to the apartment, Natalie starts to have doubts about moving in with a stranger. Meanwhile, the bar puts on a speed-dating night,where Natalie meets 24-year-old Christina. 

Episode 04

The official re-launch night for the bar is fast approaching. The owner, Gary, is keen to create a new drinks menu with a stronger emphasis on wine. He meets with new bar manager Sam and her team for a wine tasting to select the new beverages. Although the idea of pushing more wine is met with general enthusiasm, Aussie bar girl Alex has her doubts. Will the new drinks selection go down well with the punters?

Episode 05

Bar owner Gary is concerned that the club’s weeknight takings are low. In an effort to boost clientele, he arranges for a girls-only salsa dance class to take place on a Monday night – giving bar manager Sam just three days to arrange it.  Later, Sam is faced with another challenge when it is decided that the Candy Bar will swap venues for a night with Gary’s gay men’s club, Ku. Although Ku is a much bigger club, Gary is confident that the swap will be a success. Will he be proved right?

Episode 06

“The Candy Bar is about to explode into the fantastic business it’s always had the potential to be,” says owner Gary as the big re-launch night approaches. He calls in Christina – daughter of chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, aspiring pop star and cutting-edge caterer – to sort out the food. It is Christina’s first big solo catering gig. Will she be able to pull it off?