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Britannia High

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Britannia High

Set in a stage-school in London ‘Britannia High’ focuses on a group of students struggling to make it in music.

A groundbreaking musical drama and entertainment series devised by acclaimed theatre producer David Ian (How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria) and leading choreographer and director Arlene Phillips (Strictly Come Dancing). Two specially filmed behind-the-scenes documentaries introduce the characters and the drama as the writers and the composers – led by acclaimed song writer and Take That member Gary Barlow – put the cast through the audition process.Mitch Hewer (Skins), Georgina Hagen (Tracey Beaker), Sapphire Elia (Dream Team),Marcquelle Ward (Dance X), Matthew James Thomas (The Lost Prince) and Rana Roy (Dance X) star as a group of close knit students at a contemporary performing arts school, who all share the same hopes and dreams of success. The series also stars Mark Benton (The Street), Michele Austin (The Last Detective), Lorraine Pilkington (Rough Diamond) and Chris Jarvis (Mamma Mia). The series climaxes in a live finale, featuring spectacular performances from the cast and intertwined with drama segments that conclude the story and journey of the characters.

Episode 101

Let’s Dance

The kids arrive for the start of a new year, but small-town girl Lauren feels like a fish out of water alongside her confident fellow students, and begins to wonder if she’s really cut out for Britannia High.

Episode 102

Behind the Mask – Danny, Lauren and Claudine have all been nominated for first year rep which also provides an opportunity to interview two of the members of Girl’s aloud. Also everyone begins to worry about Danny’s complete avoidance of doing any of his theory work which could get him kicked out of Britannia High.

Episode 103

Who Are You? – At Jez’s surprise birthday party his friends discover that he has been hiding things from everyone and may end up losing everything when his father becomes involved at school.

Episode 104

Fame – At a nightclub, Lola is accidentally “papped” with former Busted star Matt Willis. Later, she is approached by an unscrupulous journalist and soon falls prey to the seductive allure of celebrity. As her life spins increasingly out of control Lola cuts classes, trashes her friends and eventually leaves the school to chase her dream. However, all too soon she crashes and burns and learns the hard way the true cost of fame!

Episode 105

Go Your Own Way – When BB’s older brother comes to see him, BB must make the decision whether to carry on his new life at Britannia High or join his brother and be ‘one of the boys’ with life changing and almost disastrous consequences.

Episode 106

Miss Independent – Claudine is head over heels in love with school hottie Danny, but he only has eyes for Lauren. Sick of playing second fiddle, Claudine hatches a plan to destroy the couple’s relationship once and for all.

Episode 107

Don’t Stand So Close to Me – Jez and BB discover Lola has been writing about dance mentor Stefan in her diary and they think she must be having an affair with him. Lola is too proud to admit the romance is nothing more than a crush and starts to believe her own fantasy when Stefan suggests they go for coffee.

Episode 108

With a Little Help from My Friends – Ronnie wants to be in the end-of-year musical, but she is a terrible singer. Can Jez tell her the truth, or is it too hard as it looks like she’s running away already? Meanwhile, Danny reveals that he loves both Lauren and Claudine.

Episode 109

Finale – This is a vibrant, exciting contemporary Fame for the noughties, and has a host of talent on board. As well as an exceptional cast, the show is choreographed by Arlene Philips with the score written by Take That’s Gary Barlow and award-winning song writer Guy Chambers.