Better Day: The Sarah J Felker Story

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Better Day: The Sarah J Felker Story, NEFE, K'naan, RBC Canada's Walk of Fame

Better Day: The Sarah J Felker Story

Sarah now performs under the stage name NEFE.

is a documentary that follows a young singer-songwriter as she attempts to break into the Canadian music industry. Better Day: The Sarah J Felker Story chronicles Sarah’s life over a three year period using video diary entries, live footage and interviews. It features Sarah opening for K’naan, travelling to Jamaica to reconnect with her estranged father, and meeting with record executives from Universal Canada and Warner Music. It also tells the story of her life growing up as a gay teenager in Guelph, Ontario and includes live performances shot at various venues in Guelph and Toronto.

Since completion of the documentary, Sarah has started performing under the stage name NEFE. The inspiration for this name comes from Queen Nefertiti, Nefe stands to lead and empower woman and men to accept their real beauty, not succumbing to the pressures of perfection defined by today’s media culture.

In August, 2014 Sarah was awarded the RBC Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Music Mentorship Prize.