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The cast of Russell T. Davis's Banana castViolet (Hannah John-Kamen), Sian (Georgia Henshaw),, Vivienne (LETITIA WRIGHT), Dean (FISAYO AKINADE), and Meatballs (MIKE COOMBES) sit on a white couch in a turquoise room.

Banana, the companion series to Russell T. Davies’ series Cucumber.

The young LGBTQ cast seen occasionally in Cucumber have a series all their own!

Banana offers an intriguing and often outrageous peek into the individual lives, loves and losses of a range of characters who are only glimpsed in Russell T Davies‘ Cucumber. Young lesbian Scotty pursues an unrequited love; 19 year old Dean has mysterious family secrets and a sexually charged liaison with the enigmatic Geordie Man; Sian struggles to choose between lover Violet and her over-protective mum Vanessa; Helen is besieged by unwanted attention from an ex; and law student Josh goes home to find his childhood friend and the life he left behind. The stories are beautiful, charming, witty and at times, heartbreaking, as they follow the lives of a wide variety of characters, be they gay, lesbian, transgender or anything in between.

Episode 01

Dean has a job, an apartment and all the sex he wants, but he can’t outrun his problems.

Episode 02

When Scotty’s love for Yvonne turns to obsession, Scotty’s life spirals out of control.

Episode 03

Two lives collide when uptight Sian meets wild-at-heart Violet.

Episode 04

Helen has to get tough with her ex, Eddie, but her birthday party turns into a disaster.

Episode 05

Josh leaves Freddie’s bed to return home for Sophie’s wedding.

Episode 06

Amy’s got a date with Kay, but in order to find happiness, she must defeat her imagination.

Episode 07

Can a wild one night stand become something more for Aiden and Frank?

Episode 08

Vanessa finds her world collapsing when Zara makes a shocking confession.