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Meet The Boys Who Think They Have The Whole Package

Published On: February 5, 2019
Written By: Bianca Sutton

If Friday nights couldn’t get any more iconic on OUTtv, straight after RuPaul’s Drag we have now introduced our newest show, The Whole Package. The show premiered on Friday (1 June), and if you haven’t seen it yet, let me sum it up for you… boys, bulges and bums. It’s a triple threat. In the most recent episode, 20 amateur models gathered in a furniture store for their first challenge, posing with nothing more than a chair.  Don’t ever tell me we don’t give you what you want. Sadly, not all 20 can stay… and slowly but surely the 20 men will be whittled down to one as we search for who has The Whole Package.

At this point you probably couldn’t care less what I have to stay. Instead you probably want to see the candidates who are in the running for a cash prize, a feature spread in DNA magazine, the chance of becoming apparel brand Dirt Squirrel’s newest ambassador and ultimately the title of The Whole Package.  Well, here you go then…

Austin, 25
This Cali-inspired surfer guy comes from the world of sports and discovered his love for acting and modelling later than others, but we’re not complaining about a little naïveté.

Lachlan, 21
Born in the USA and brought to the Great White North via adoption, Lachlan has one dream; to become a reality TV star. Does he have what it takes?

Magnus, 23
This homeschooled hunk will pop and lock right into your heart – and if all the right moves aren’t enough, his Conan hair will surely seal the deal.

Matt, 34
This Ben Affleck look-a-like spends most of his time modelling in Asia, but he’s excited to get his foot in the door with the local market

Bernard, 61
Boylesque fan-favourite Bernard is used to showing what his momma gave him on stage and screen but is he ready to perfect his Blue Steel?

Chet, 30
Reformed vagabond Chet has recently re-settled into Vancouver after nearly 10 years of living abroad and a body full of tattoos to show for it.

Chad, 33
This Williams Lake transplant loves to say “f*** you” to gender norms while saving the world as a humble social worker.

Mike, 37
One of our quieter models, Mike’s professional green thumb and gentle demeanour are enough to win over any viewer’s heart.

Adam, 28
Model slash gemstone artist, Adam is proud of his body and in touch with his natural side.

Kyle, 33
No stranger to a boudoir photoshoot, this tall dark and handsome is ready to show off his kinky side.

Patrick, 29
Does it count as nepotism if he’s just best friends with the judges? This beefy beau may spend his 9-5 in the corporate world but he used to be known as Queen of the Scene.

Tyrel, 32
Who can deny ever having a crush on the professor? This booksmart stud is returning to Vancouver after teaching abroad and ready to learn the ropes of a new industry.

Owen, 24
Small town boy with big city dreams, Owen is ready for his own ‘Save the Last Dance’ style montage – Sean Patrick Thomas included!

Tristan, 30
This salt and pepper heartthrob hails from BC’s interior and we think you’ll agree that his interior is just as pretty as his exterior.

Theo, 28
Family Matters to this lower mainland country boy but all we care about is that he never stops serving us that boy next door smile.

Shawn, 47
After breaking his back on two separate occasions, Shawn is proud of what his body can do and he’s excited to show you, too.

Brian, 19
We’re still not sure what’s more impressive about our youngest model – that he speaks five languages or his eight-pack!

Tyrone, 32
This career dancer is ready to hang up his heels and show us his skivvies, after 16 years of taking the stage, Tyrone is ready to strike a pose.

Pedro, 27
If good things come in small packages then we’re in for a real treat with this tiny Brazilian Tarzan.

Wayne, 56
This Canadian Veteran deserves your respect and gratitude for his service to our country, but he’ll win your heart with his sparkling blue eyes and killer smile.