Published On: August 9, 2019
Written By: Josh Singler

There’s no denying that Canada is rich in musical talent, but what portion of these lyrical geniuses are queer-identifying? Instead of covering the Tegan & Sara’s of the Canadian queer music scene (don’t get it wrong, we love a ‘Closer’ moment), we’re going to run down a list of five unique queer Canadian artists that are making a name for themselves. Now, of course, this list is nowhere near exhaustive, but these artists definitely make a case for their unique talent that makes us proud of our community.




Man of mystery and dreamy Canadian Crooner, Orville Peck (pseudonym) has been taking the world by storm since his debut album release Pony earlier in 2019. Peck has kept his anonymity since his professional debut through a leather fringe-veiled mask which conceals his face but allows for those piercing blue eyes to shine through.

Between his buttery smooth vocals and often melancholic lyrics, Peck is the masked (masc?), alternative country cowboy that the queer community has been longing for. Without revealing his identity, Peck creates an ironically fearless character that people of any age, gender, or ethnicity can look up to and see themselves in. Let’s just hope RuPaul doesn’t challenge him to lip-sync anytime soon, cause we know what happened to Valentina. We’re excited to watch where Peck’s debut album takes him next—if you haven’t yet, saddle up to Pony.

Newest release: Pony (Debut Album), 2019

Check Out: Buffalo Run, 2019

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Playing between the lines of electronic and pop, artist Marie-Hélène Delorme, more commonly known as Foxtrott is sure to win you over with their airy vocals and infectious rhythms. With each track, it becomes more evident that this artist sits with their music and breaths unique and deliberate energy into each track. This allows each song to stand on its own as an independent body of work while simultaneously bleeding into a cohesive sonic identity. There’s a subtle shift in the feel of 2016’s A Taller Us with higher tempos and catchy melodies and 2018’s Meditations I-II-III that takes on a deeper, more atmospheric texture. Across this artist’s work is impeccable attention to detail in pairing every beat and lyric.

Newest release: Meditations I-II-III Remixed (EP), 2019

Check Out: Driven, 2016

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Winner of the 2018 Polaris Prize for his first album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, Jeremy Dutcher has emerged as an important queer, Indigenous voice for Canadian music. Jeremy Dutcher who is a member of the Tobique First Nation in northwestern New Brunswick has been an important figure in the LGBTQIA+ community. Dutcher has used their intersectionality as an Indigenous and Two-Spirited individual to speak out about the need for Indigenizing queer spaces. Dutcher is responsible for developing Indigenous outreach at Canada’s national LGBT human rights organization, Egale Canada. Dutcher is a proud queer advocate that encourages to think “less western” about gender.

Dutcher’s queer and Indigenous advocacy also takes form in their beautifully eloquent musical endeavour Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa. This album in Dutcher’s own words was created to counter the “bilingual Anglo-centric Canadian music narrative” that we are continuously fed. The album is an unthinking of classical Anglo-centric musical styles through a rearrangement of First Nations music. Dutcher finds a way of seamlessly stitching together original archival wax cylinder recordings from the endangered language of the Wolastoqiyik people with their own powerful vocals. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Jeremy Dutcher has for us next.

Newest release: Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (Album), 2018

Check Out: Essuwonike, 2019

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With her self-titled album release in 2018, this Vancouver-born artist has made a name for herself on a global stage as an out-and-proud bisexual underground ‘fetish-rap’ queen of colour. Tommy Genesis has collaborated and toured with the likes of Charli XCX, Abra, M.I.A. and Dua Lipa, and even modelled for a 2016 Calvin Klein campaign. Although she self-identifies as a ‘fetish-rapper’ when asked about defining her musical genre Genesis says in an interview with Daze “The internet is my heritage, and ‘genre’ is just a word. My cultural lens is a blurry, undefined intimate one – like peeping through your neighbour’s blinds and seeing something you’re not supposed to see. It’s that, in a musical form.” Labels aside, Tommy Genesis has some serious, raw talent and creativity up her sleeves, have a listen!

Newest release: I’m Gone (Single), 2019

Check Out: 100 Bad – Charli XCX Remix, 2018

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With a Juno and Polaris Music Prize under his belt, KAYTRANADA has made a strong and lasting impression on the music scene. 2016’s 99.9% was released around the same time he came out as a gay POC, and with the album as proof, KAYTRANADA had a huge weight lifted off his shoulders. A decision that he talks about as having to happen during a time of turmoil and depression, was something that enabled him to create an authentic body of work with 99.9%‘s release. His unique combination of disco, soul, and hip-hop lays out a beautiful track to guest notable vocalists such as Anderson .Paak. Haitian-born Canadian KAYTRANADA blessed us this past April with DYSFUNCTIONAL, a dancy R&B track with silky vocals by the Nigerian-American duo VanJess.

Newest release: DYSFUNCTIONAL (Single), 2019

Check Out: GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak), 2016

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