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Serves Up: Meet the Queens of RuPauls Drag Race UK Season Two

Published On: January 12, 2021
Written By: Bianca Sutton

With a double serving of RuPaul’s Drag Race this year, there really is no need to leave the sofa (or settee as our friends in the UK might call it.) RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back for another season and fresh batch of talented queens from across the pond.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK will be available on OUTtv every Thursday (starting 14th Jan) at 7pm ET/PT. If you can’t wait until then, it will be available at 3.01pm ET on OUTtvGo.

Let’s meet our queens. Welcome to the runway…


📍Glasgow | Quintessentially Scottish, 23 year old Chaney says she ticks all the stereotypes you’d expect of a Scot (you might want to google Irn-Bru and caramel wafer – two of her great loves). She names musical legends Lady Gaga and Madonna as her inspirations.


📍London | 26 year old Bimini Bon Boulash took her drag name from what she’d have been called if she was a girl and her mom’s first cat. She has a degree in journalism, is passionate about veganism and cites Pamela Anderson and Vivienne Westwood as her biggest inspirations.


📍London |  34 year old Veronica comes from a background in musical theatre and describes herself as a professional triple threat. Her life motto is ‘get the job done.’ Her name comes from her childhood creation of a supervillain in a comic book she made – all because she was jealous of her new baby sister Veronica.


📍Worcestershire | 31 year old non-binary drag queen Ginny Lemon is not new to reality competitions, she performed on X Factor in the UK back in 2017 singing Liberty X’s “Just a Little Bit”. She describes her look as 90’s daytime TV presenter and says its not about make-up for her, its all about performance!


📍Darlington | 26 year old Cherry Valentine is new to drag, only having started a year before applying to the show. She describes her style as ‘insidious glamour.’ Not just a drag queen – Valentine is a fully qualified mental health nurse and returned to work as a frontline worker during the pandemic.


📍Liverpool | 32 year old Liverpudlian Sister Sister attended art school and says she went from painting canvases to painting on her face instead.  Her comedy style is dry with some mild morbidity thrown in. She got into drag after a break-up and started with drawing a big blue circle on her face.


📍London | 30 year old Tia Kofi describes herself as very camp and very British (Tea or Coffee – get it?). She’s part of a drag trio, The Vixens, who performed on X Factor back in 2016. She admits she’s a geek – and loves to channel a bit of Star Trek.



📍Brighton | 31 year old Joe Black’s drag takes inspiration from 1920’s and 1930’s cabaret. She can play multiple musical instruments and is a well-known regularly cabaret performer in the UK. She says, “I may look mean but I am full of love!”


📍London | Not one to shy away from the limelight, 27 year old Astinna is a professional dancer who has worked with Little Mix, Pussycat Dolls, Kanye West and many more. She’s also appeared on Drag SOS (available on OUTtvGo) and BBC Radio 1’s Drag Queen’s Den.


📍Dundee | Out of drag, 21 year old Ellie Diamond stand as 6 ft 4. In drag, she likes everything to be bigger: wigs, makeup, outfits and heels that bring her to 6 ft 8. A lover of bold colours, patterns, and styles, she takes her inspiration from movies, anime and cartoons.


📍London | Originally from Nottinghamshire, this northern queen might live in London but says she is still “northern as hell.” Her name comes from a play on Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora. By day she is a fashion designer which should come in handy for any sewing challenges.


📍London | Originally hailing from Wales, 26 year old Tayce says she wants to be the next Tom Jones of Catherine Zeta Jones (both Welsh). She describes her look as “model-esque, very villainess, very street fighter.” Fun fact: her dad was the bass drummer for Wham!