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Cheddar Gorgeous And Your New Favourite Show Drag SOS

Published On: May 19, 2020
Written By: Bianca Sutton
L-R Georgina, Tete, Lill, Anna Phylactic, Cheddar Gorgeous, Liquorice Black, Ashley, Astina Mandella and Matthew.

We know at OUTtv there isn’t such thing as too much drag. With season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race coming to a close and the start of All-Stars 5 just around the corner, we thought why not throw some more drag into the mix, this time courtesy of our good Judy’s over in the UK.

Drag SOS, your new favourite show that will warm up even the coldest of hearts, is landing on OUTtv and OUTtvGo on Thursday 21st May at 10 pm ET/PT. What’s it all about you ask? Well, chill out, I was going to tell you. The Family Gorgeous comprises of Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Lill, TeTe Bang and Liquorice Black and is one of the UK’s most fabulous drag collectives. The group travel up and down the UK transforming a wide range of unlikely protegees into bigger, bolder, braver drag-enhanced versions of themselves.

We caught up with one of the founders of The Family Gorgeous to chat all about the new show.

L- R Tete, Lill, Anna Phylactic, Cheddar Gorgeous and Liquorice Black

So tell us a bit about the show?

The show is about how sometimes taking a moment out of life to have fun, show off and do something just for you, can often bring you closer to the people you love. I always describe drag as finding that bit of yourself that doesn’t get noticed, your inner fabulous, and making that the only thing anyone can see.

What were some of your favourite scenes to film in Drag SOS?

We travel to a pig farm. Being the loving, kind and compassionate wonders of the world that we are we offered to help out! As you can imagine that led to some very entertaining moments. Have you ever seen a drag herding pigs?

There are a lot of tears in the show, were there any parts that were exceptionally emotional to film?

We worked with so many amazing people, from a woman who had dedicated her life to their family and community, a father who wanted to connect with his queer drag queen son, to a domestic abuse survivor. Drag shows are intense flurries of energy at the best of times, so it was an emotional rollercoaster every week. It was a privilege to be able to go on that ride with such an inspiring group of people.

L- R Anna Phylactic, Tete and Liquorice Black

Travelling up and down the UK – what were the different people you met like on the way? What were their reactions to your drag?

The biggest surprise was how excited people were. We felt celebrated everywhere we went! People would cheer, ask questions, and want to take selfies. In fact, I think in the entire series we only had one negative interaction with a member of the public. I think people misjudge small towns like those that we visited, they were full of life and enthusiasm for something a little out of the ordinary.

You all have such unique styles of drag, which makes you’re collective all the better. How would you describe your style?

Fabulous and angry? Alien? overrated? It’s probably best to leave classifications up to other people…they are going to be making them anyway so why double up on the work.

What has the public reaction of the show been like since it aired in the UK?

It was received very well…in fact, all of us were shocked that twitter could be so nice! I think one of the most rewarding things about doing the show was hearing from fellow drag queens and queer people about how the show had helped their own families understand their lives.

Are you still in touch with the people who took part in the show?

We have a Facebook group where we all stay in touch, share news and post pics in drag. A few of them have carried on and are on the way to building their own drag careers! ..rather shortsighted of us in hindsight…basically we have trained our competition.

How did the Family Gorgeous come about?

Drag families are a mix of friendship, mentoring, and professional alliance. It started around 2012 when a group of us started working gigs on the underground manchester nightlife scene. I suppose we found each other and have just grown together over the years.

What’s next for the Family Gorgeous?

Since the show, we have all been working on separate projects although we had the occasional opportunity to come together for a show. Like a, lot of the world right now drag finds itself in a bit of limbo. Much of our work was in clubs and bars all of which are now closed. However, Drag is leading the way to connect with the audience in the digital realm so watch this space!


Drag SOS will be available on OUTtv and OUTtvGo on Thursday, 21st May.