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Thailand is a country with rich history, culture and scenery. The Thai community lives by the principles handed down by the Buddha. This explains Thai hospitality, tolerance and the respect for people from all walks of life.

Relaxing Is “No Problem” For All Visitors


Are LGBT individuals accepted in Thailand? Yes! “Mai Pen Rai” a simple but profound statement which translated means “No Problem.” It’s the philosophy Thai people live by in their daily lives.

The Thai culture is welcoming to all, however, it is important to maintain a strong level of respect for their customs and way of life. Go Thai Be Free is a great LGBT resource and travel blog, working to provide readers with enriching content. It showcases what life is like in Thailand for LGBT travellers, as well as providing information about Thai culture. 

Celebrate With Loved Ones


Many LGBT couples from around the world fly to Thailand with friends and family to exchange vows. Although same-sex marriage or civil unions are not yet recognized in Thailand, Buddhist monks often bless these ceremonies. For many decades, Thailand has been considered to be the most forward, welcoming and gay-friendly country in Asia. 

Paradise Is Easy To Come By


Gay life in Thailand is well documented and gay hot spots are plentiful all throughout the country. Bangkok, at Sukhumvit RoadChiang Mai at Chang Pueak and Phuket at Paradise Complex are a few are recommended hotspots for LGBTQ individuals to visit.

There Are Adventures Around Every Corner


OUT Adventures is the perfect way to explore all of Thailand. Experience the breathtaking islands and beaches. Learn about Thai cuisine and all of the wonderful flavours. Venture into the wild jungle and play with elephants. Or maybe even drop onto one knee to propose. Thailand is only a plane ride away, so what are you waiting for? 

To learn more about Thailand, please visit www.tourismthailand.org. Find them on Facebook: hwww.facebook.com/AmazingThailand or Instagram: TourismThailand

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