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Rap Guide To Evolution – on tour

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 3:36 pm by David Jones — Make a Comment


The Rap Guide To Evolution – Vancouver East Cultural Centre
Until November 10th

Funny, thought provoking, gangsta rap!

Baba Brinkman has created a couple of rap plays  (The Rap Canterbury Tales, The Rap Guide to Human Nature) but this is the first time BC native has present his tribute to Charles Darwin The Rap Guide to Evolution.

The charming rapper shares his love of hip hop and gangsta rap, he riff’s on its evolution and pays tribute to many of it’s artists. At one point he even gets the whole crowd chanting Dead Prez’s I’m A Africa while pumping our fists in the air.

He is also is a passionate and intelligent humorous taking Charales Darwin’s fascination with life and turning it is wicked songs by DJ and Music Producer Mr Simmonds, (one of the joys of the show is watching Mr. Simmonds cool bemusement to some of the sillier antics).

The show has so many riff and fun treatises: Comparing the evolution of plants and animals to the evolution of rap; acting out / rapping out a dinner debate between him and his Creationist cousins; comparing the differences between violence by men vs. girls; the evolutionary causes of homosexuality. His stories making him sort of a Malcolm Gladwell of MC’s.

He also shares some simple but profound evolutionary insights to help make the world a better place. If it catches on a lot of jerks aren’t going to get laid.

The audience is an eclectic mix of young urban music aficionados and an older well-read crowd, which speaks to the eclectic fun of the show. Mr. Brinkman is like the funkiest teacher you never knew combined with the coolest friend you ever had.

It’s a pumping fun lesson with some mean beats and lot of laughs. Looking for something different and engaging? It’s at the Cultch.



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