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Pokemon Goes Gay Marriage: I Choose You Forever

Posted on July 18, 2016 at 5:08 pm by Lily — Make a Comment

Pokemon rings

While everyone is obsessively playing Pokemon GO, this adorable gay couple got engaged Pokemon style, IRL.

It’s nerdy true love for one Tumblr user, Brett Graham, and his Pokemon Master fiance, Max. Graham popped the question to his partner with the cutest Pokemon themed proposal.

Lucky for Graham, his main squeeze said yes. And lucky for us and the rest of the Internet, he shared the super sweet personalized proposal on Tumblr.

Since his love was a true Pokemon fanatic, Graham secretly worked for months to come up with the adorable way to propose, PinkNews reports.

Pokemon men

To mark the start of the couple’s journey into matrimony, Graham mirrored the beginning of the game’s journey, with the same choice: between a fire type, a water type and a grass type. Graham placed a custom ring corresponding to each of those types inside three of the iconic red, white and black Pokéballs .

Graham says, “It took me a while to figure out the right way to propose to Max, but I’m pretty damned proud of what I came up with.

“A ‘grass type’ starter with a wooden inlay. A ‘fire type’ starter which is black with a red gem, and a ‘water type’ starter with a mother of pearl inlay.”

The custom proposal was secretly in the works for months to surprise his gamer guy.

“I’ve been scheming like a madman for months,” Graham elaborated, “having things shipped to my friends, and hiding art supplies.”

Graham shares even though “Max, for his part, has been telling me pretty much every day since we’ve started that he’s going to marry me,” he still felt those pre-proposal jitters before popping the question. “Somehow, I was still nervous when it came time to ask about making that official.

The Pokemon metaphor matched their partnership’s trajectory perfectly. “At the beginning of every adventure,” Graham explained, “you need to pick a partner. I chose him. So, I figured if he said yes, he could decide what to wear on his finger.”

And Graham’s guy did indeed say yes to the super sweet proposal, and selected the Fire-style ring to mark their betrothal.

But, he’ll get to keep all three of the custom-designed rings.

“The significance of the choice is that whatever he picked as his official starter will ‘evolve’ at milestone anniversaries. I got plans,” Graham assures readers.

More valuable than the rarest Pokemon or any power up, Graham and his partner are playing for keeps in the game of love!