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Joseph / Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – COMING SOON – Vancouver

Posted on November 3, 2017 at 6:40 pm by David Jones — Make a Comment

Due to popular demand,
Align Entertainment presents an encore run of their hit production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the block buster musical with lyrics by Tim Rice, and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story, set in ancient Egypt, is based on the rags to riches journey of Joseph, his eleven brothers, and his “coat of many colors” from the Bible.

This remarkable community theatre company has done a lot of big musicals but this is there very first remount. I talked with the artistic director/director as well as one of the actors about why and what might be different in this chance to re-visit the popular family musical.

 This is Align’s first remount? Why?

 Chad Matchette – director: I’ve always wanted to do a remount if it   was the right show. We had such amazing feedback from our   audiences last year. Our entire production team, cast, and crew were   all had so much fun that it was just a perfect show to want to do   again. 


What was something you were able to explore or modify since this was a remount? 

We’ve changed a few of the pop culture bits in the show and tweaked a few characters and dance numbers. We want to stay true to the spirit of what made last year special but also embrace some new idea’s and things that the handful of new cast members brought to the table.

What is your favourite part of the rehearsal process?

Exploring different ways to do things. I believe that as a director you should be open to ideas from everyone. It doesn’t matter who has an idea if it has a chance to make the show better then let’s try it out.

What do you want the audience to experience?

I’d love for them to basically have a great time. To sweep them away for a couple hours and totally immerse them in the wacky, fun, amazing world that comes to life on our stage. The world can be such a negative place right now with crazy things going on and I hope we can lighten things up a bit for a couple hours. 


 Getting to re-visit a role is rare. What were you able to explore with   your character in this remount?

 Jess Alvarez – who plays Judha: It truly is such an honour to get the chance to breathe life again  into a character I had so much fun portraying on stage. One thing  I’ve loved about revisiting Judah was being able to implement all the new discoveries I made during the previous run of this show that I wished I had known earlier in  the process. As well as further exploring Judah’s individuality and his relationship with each brother differs. 

 What has been the funnest part of rehearsals? 

Like in any show, throughout the entire process you spend a lot of time with both your fellow cast members, crew, and creative team and you become a family. The best part of the rehearsal process was being able to bring the Joseph family back together. Reminiscing about funny backstage shenanigans  as we revisited dance numbers and scenes, and catching hilarious hidden moments between characters we never noticed before. 

What has been the most challenging part of rehearsals?

One of the biggest challenges for myself has been adjusting  slight changes to the  choreography and spacing for certain songs and dances. During the rehearsal period we worked through the small issues on stage which, after the adjustments looked great. But with this being a remount it’s easy to let your body to go into  muscle memory and move through the same track from last year. It definitely keeps you on your toes and adds an element of excitement catching yourself in those moments. 

 What do you think the audience is going to remember the most?

Definitely the Megamix at the end of the show. It’s the moment where we as a cast get to let go and just have fun on stage. Not only do we get to recap the show in about 10 minutes and wear bright white costumes, but it embodies the joy of being on stage and it’s a pleasure to get to share it with our audiences. 

November 3rd – 18th.  

Thursdays – Saturdays at 8 pm.  Matinees on Saturdays/Sundays at 2 pm.

Tickets: Adults – $39 Students/Seniors – $27 Thrifty Thursdays all tickets $25  

School matinee on November 6th at 12 PM. Tickets $15    

Tickets and More info: www.alignentertainment.cainfo@alignentertainment.ca

David C Jones