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Four Dogs and a Bone – Vancouver

Posted on April 30, 2017 at 9:37 pm by David Jones — Make a Comment

I talked to the cast about this brutally funny comedy about the film industry by John Patrick Shanley.

Why this play?

Santiago Schumann: I was already familiarized with this play from acting coachings and I personally liked all the characters and the writing style, so when the role of Victor was offered to me, I had to say yes to this hilarious play and great opportunity to be on stage.

Christina Church: I got this play in a scene study class and had to do it. Finding a play where Marlies and I could play without me being the mom has been a challenge and this definitely spoke to the age gap in a fun and sadly realistic way in this industry.

Massimo Frau: I chose to be involved in this play because John Patrick Stanley is one of my favourite writers. I think his commentary on the film industry is as frustratingly funny as it is revealing. The desperation, ruthlessness, and struggle for survival, are all themes that are thrilling to engage with, both as an actor and an audience member. I believe there is a little something for everyone in this play, which makes it a joy to be a part of.

Marlies Dubois: I have wanted to put up a play for a couple of years and when I was given the Brenda/ Collette scene in class I knew this was the right play. I asked Christina if she was in and it all started there. This play is funny, well written and really relatable. I feel like our friendship has some parallels to our characters relationship and it has been really fun to play with those dynamics.

What do you think the audience will get out of it?

Santiago Schumann: A few laughs, that’s for sure! Also they might be able to tap into the grey and dark areas of what the film industry can sometimes be.

Christina Church: I hope they see just how ridiculous it can be. The things these characters will say and do to each other to get ahead on this film mimics real life in a satirized way.

Massimo Frau: My hope is that the audience comes away laughing over the absurdity of how we treat each other in order to survive.

Marlies Dubois: I think the audience will see an exaggerated glimpse into the politics of the film industry. They will be able to laugh and maybe even relate to how desperate these characters act in order to get what they want.

What was something surprising you discovered while rehearsing it?

 Santiago Schumann: How close I can relate to my character in this play; It’s one of our duties as actors to empathize with the character and find similarities between me and him but it’s always surprising when I find myself so close to the character that I simply have to read his words and thoughts to truly feel what the character feels and understand him, that’s always a very pleasant surprise.

Christina Church: The sadness of the forever character actress afraid she will never be anything, unable to see past some goal that may be unobtainable but she keeps reaching never satisfied with what she has.

Massimo Frau: The most surprising thing I discovered through rehearsal was how layered the script was. Each day brought forth more discoveries and provided a lot of room for exploration.

Marlies Dubois: Something that surprised me while rehearsing the play was how I relate to Brenda’s desperation to achieve her dream. I would personally go about it differently but I definitely relate to the drive to succeed.

What is your favorite part of the play?

Santiago Schumann: I love the scene between Victor and Collette and how emotionally volatile it is.

Christina Church: In the trailer after a night of heavy drinking with the writer. Screwing with Brenda the wannabe starlet gives me so much pleasure.

Massimo Frau: My favourite part is when all the characters come together for the final showdown. It is a terrific way to tie everything together, and is always the most fun.

Marlies Dubois: My favourite part of the play is the ending. I don’t want to spoil it for anybody so I will leave it at that.

Which actor cracks you up in rehearsal?

 Santiago Schumann: That’s very hard to say, I laugh a lot with everyone, but I know for sure that I can always rely on Tina Church to make me laugh with an inappropriate joke.

Christina Church: Santiago is a clown always full of energy. He brings me up the days I am struggling to play. He’s also the best to flirt with must be the Latin vibe.

Massimo Frau: Every member of the cast brings something unique to the table. They all keep me laughing and on my toes!

Marlies Dubois: I think we have a really great group of actors and find myself laughing with all of them.

How do we get tickets?

Marlies Dubois: You can buy tickets for $17 online: http://4dogsandabone.brownpapertickets.com/ or $20 at the door.

Thank you!

I personally love this script and I know some of these actors so I will be there on opening night!

David C Jones